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Marginally Really Awful

The prompt for Day Twenty-Four of GloPoWriMo is, entertainingly: Marginalia of medieval manuscripts Can run from the bizarre to the obscene, The production of such work by cloistered nondescripts Show minds that go where they have never been! They do … Continue reading

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Anti-Colonialist Antics and Antipathy, Bikes, and Lots of Water

The past weekend started with swimming – self at home and then we all shot off to young J’s swimming lesson. From there it was to the Pavilion Mall, where I splashed out on a new cycle computer. After lunch … Continue reading

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Robert’s Rules of Disorder, Really Awful

Gen’ral Robert, it is clear we need yer Update on some Rules for the Procedure Parliamentary meetings now should stick to — Quite a number, now, you need to flick through When one’s rising on a Point of Silence,* Or … Continue reading

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Granny Grows Naughty

Wordle 284 from The Sunday Whirl. Only eleven words this week for me to use in order and cause to rhyme. That helped to keep it short and simple. If you recognise the plant, you probably have a misspent youth! The crooked grandmother … Continue reading

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A Do, But Don’t: Really Awful Temptation

The Silly Season has begun, Where everyone is out for fun; I’ve just been to a banking do Where many slot machines one woo, Sun Coast Casino it was at — A place for losing money, that! But I went out and saw the view; No slots … Continue reading

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Really Awful Trumped-up Charges.

One simply can’t conceive That dumpy Donald Trump The Democrats relieve By licking Hil the Frump.  The pollsters in their hordes, With egos sadly bent, Are falling on their swords … Or say, ‘Not what I meant!’  Hil had it … Continue reading

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Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

In keeping with the custom of saying ‘Rabbits’ on the first of each month, hare is the first ever Bugs Bunny.  Before evolution happened.     On this soggy day, I am Off on a ballet important mission, Though for  … Continue reading

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