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Mineral Bottle Keeps Pool Filled for Over 2 1/2 Years

In February 2016 I posted about using a 2 Litre mineral bottle to top up our above-ground pool. It has continued to do so to date. At the moment, the level is a bit low and we are eagerly awaiting … Continue reading

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Towards the end of last year I was involved in looking at the proofs of ‘Split Decision’ as I mentioned at the time.  The water running under that bridge ran into a few obstructions, and it is only this week … Continue reading

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Corn graduations!

I mentioned that young J is passing out of her Pre-school to move from Reception into Grade One.  Her excellent previous school arranges a graduation ceremony at the end of the school concert. As may be seen, academic dress with mortar … Continue reading

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Durban has a Smoking Problem …

A warehouse in the valley over the two parallel hills most of Durban’s Bluff comprises got all fired up with enthusiasm.  The pall of smoke was most impressive even from home, so after picking youngest granddaughter up from school we … Continue reading

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Stepping into Spring

Hey-ding-a-ding-ding! With the arrival of Spring in our part of the world, sponsored walks in fancy hats is the order of the day.  Of course, it had to rain.  Undaunted, young J’s school managed an alternative route under cover, involving … Continue reading

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Ritual Slaughter and Racism

Today an article appears in The Telegraph which equates campaigning against ritual slaughter with being racist.  The writer should come to South Africa and join the pathetic group who claim that every ill is a ‘Legacy of Apartheid’ even when the evidence … Continue reading

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Life can (still) be a real beach!

One of the saddest things about losing our old home was the lack of access to an unspoilt beach through the fascinating dune forest.  I had forgotten that I am one of the custodians of a conservancy which has just … Continue reading

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