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Invective Lecture

You may have seen that on my blog ‘Bitch’ simply means a female dog; While ‘dam’ and ‘blast’ is water stored, And with explosion outward poured: ‘Helen dim-nation’ is a she From stupid nationality; When seeking words to rhyme with … Continue reading

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The racist ‘Poor Little Me’ complex carried to extremes.

An article currently appearing on MSN news: JOHANNESBURG – “You speak English so well” are words many people of colour in South Africa have heard at least once in their lifetime. However well-intended it may be, though, it’s simply offensive. … Continue reading

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Playing with Shakespeare:

Today marks the anniversary of what is agreed to have been, from baptismal records, the birthdate of William Shakespeare, and he died on the same date 402 years ago.   A wonderful way of remembering the dates was taught to pensitivity … Continue reading

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From Wordsworth to Nemesis

Day 21  After reading the myth of Narcissus, try writing a poem that plays with the myth in some way.                  If Wordsworth, lonely as a cloud, Had spotted as his famous crowd … Continue reading

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Coining a Phrase (in the original sense) Really Awfully Profoundly.

Most look at one side of a coin, And flipping it over don’t try; It is most distinctly annoying They never the obverse will spy. Though those viewing both sides are better, And think, thus, all bets they will hedge, … Continue reading

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Wood the Wordle Fit?

Wordle 260: The man works with timber in mint condition, ……….Seeking shape it will contain when comes the crunch; …..Not play: his irascible disposition …..He calms as he imitates a robin’s trill; …..As the figure takes shape comes a rising … Continue reading

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Brexit as a Navel Exercise

With the outcome of the UK voter shouties Of one’s senses one now tends to have some doubties – Belly-buttons seen on beaches Always seem to have the features That the innies far outnumber all the outies! © June 2016 Colonialist … Continue reading

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Gains and Losses in Poetic Translation

Counting little ditties and Wordles, and a long nonsense-rhyme written but not yet blogged, I have met the total of writing thirty poems for GloPoWriMo during April. For this final day a translation is suggested.  I have chosen an Afrikaans … Continue reading

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Really Awful Racist Rhyme with Monkeys

The recent mass hysteria On ‘racist’-type remarks Was voiced by those I fear who are The dimmest of dim sparks. Except for those who got enraged At that disgusting slime Said Hitler tactics be engaged – Now, that was just … Continue reading

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A typical conversation between four-, seven-, and over-seventy-year-olds?

Granny (yesterday):   R, get ready for swimming lesson. R (7):                              Swimming is tomorrow. Granny:                         … Continue reading

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