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Falls from Horses and Meaningful Meandering

Yesterday WordPress had a fit of the sulks and refused to respond. Now, hopefully, a more co-operative mood is in evidence. We have some visitors from UK … well, Spain, actually … who will be with us for a few … Continue reading

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Atop or at the Foot – RIP Peta

Atop, as the latest photo challenge, has made the picture I found of Peta the budgie, who departed life this evening, rather apt.  Peter was donated to us by young R’s preschool in 2011 after he had been retired from active service there … Continue reading

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Spied on, Identification Parade, Point of Interest, and Chick Lit to get Fired up after.

Last night I got spied on by this Cream-striped Owl Moth Cyligramma latona. They are quite shy, so I was pleasantly surprised that it stuck around for long enough for me to go indoors for my camera. One second after I … Continue reading

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In Short

Condensing any given content is valuable to all writers, for preparing blurbs or a précis, or simply for chopping out unnecessary verbiage. Consider the already short form used for my latest Wordle attempt. It seemed to have come out pretty … Continue reading

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Cat-she Lyrics for a Wordle

A busy class of creature That goes on velvet toes, Light steps, with curl-claws, feature, From still, to oil-drop-flows; In silvery moonlight, mating cries Go echoing through the bowl of night … Could those who such a noise despise Be … Continue reading

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If Only …

‘If only …’ is one of the most heart-wrenching ways to begin a phrase after a tragic event.  ‘If only I had checked all seat belts were on …’,  ‘If only a doctor had been consulted sooner …’, ‘If only … Continue reading

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Kitten, kittener, kittennest.

What sort of bird is in that nest? It’s like that of a hadeda, But ibis don’t have ears, so best Of guesses is an owl, by far. But, wait!  This owl greets with a mew, And sports some whiskers, … Continue reading

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