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A Good Dog and a Question of Licence

Here we have Loki in the only mode where he is out of mischief. He actually takes delight at being yelled at. With new legislation that spanking in the home is illegal, he is probably going to take over completely. … Continue reading

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Pooling Resources

Can you believe it; what the heck? Again the internet in check; No sign of it when I awoke, I don’t regard it as a joke! Late afternoon with a return, I don’t want midnight oil to burn, So yet … Continue reading

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Proofs of a Proactive Granddaughter

If you are averse to bragging, go away. Otherwise, note what Rhiannon has undertaken this week, as shown on her school’s D6 Communicator, and with respect to a project she had on display in the Library. It comes as no … Continue reading

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Growing in Cuteness; Childhood Misconceptions

Hearing a rendition of the Afrikaans song Jan Pierewiet, taken from the call of a bird known as the bokmakirie (the bokmakierie, Telophorus zeylonus, is a bushshrike). recently reminded me of the false impressions I originally had of the words … Continue reading

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Pest . . . er, Pet Pictures

Too busy with other things to spend any time posting lately, even though internet is back and (fairly) reliable. I concentrated on keeping a bit up-to-date with reading posts, when I could find the time. However, just to keep the … Continue reading

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Totally Re-kit-ulous

Yes, we have added two more feral factory kittens to our domestic collection.  Nine, nein nein! From each a little mew, And what can you do?   © June 2019 Colonialist

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Registering Attendance

One discussion by the Hort. Soc. Board, Joined by Oscar; not untoward; All decisions made will need His opinion one should heed. Two hungry ibis standing on a wall, To be fed have made a call, Knock on door till … Continue reading

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Categorically Complicated

Cat politics, with ifs or buts, Are busy driving me quite nuts, Blackit, at main house, Amber swats, So Amber cottage yearns for, lots. The trouble is, I wish she’d cease Not leaving timid M in peace — She beats … Continue reading

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Elegy for an Unidentified Companion

GloPoWriMo Day 18 Prompt: today: I’d like to challenge you to write an elegy of your own, one in which the abstraction of sadness is communicated not through abstract words, but physical detail. Out of the very corner of my … Continue reading

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Animal Antics

Medical matters like blood tests, and harmonising ‘Three Blind Mice’ for my keyboard tutor, precluded time for writing anything much else today. so I can fall back on a few cute pics from the faithful furry friends. © April 2019 … Continue reading

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