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Granny Grows Naughty

Wordle 284 from The Sunday Whirl. Only eleven words this week for me to use in order and cause to rhyme. That helped to keep it short and simple. If you recognise the plant, you probably have a misspent youth! The crooked grandmother … Continue reading

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Wordle 283: Transcendence Soul before birth; after death; makes the heart light — Heavy when without a spirit-touch one must cope; The stay on earth is brief, and faith is burning bright Souls reach to give up burden in a … Continue reading

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Untruths and True Steps

Wordle 275: my personal challenge is to use the words in the order given, adding the fewest possible to make sense, rhyme, and scan. False Doctrine to the Indoctrinated Lies, flat lies, will work devout to seize: These don’t drop … Continue reading

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Fatal flash

    Diana To mimic kick may fade; but insulate From park, to where flash got into state To spin on rim and flip — Stepped over line, with way past limit trip. © October 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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The Last Chance

Clutch at straw, feel it writhe in grip, Champions, us, into basket flip, Dye with fire, in the weave then smite, Spring then try to resist with might; In new guise as a part of weave Straws deplorable states relieve. … Continue reading

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The Magpies

Wordle 265 Listen to them when they meet: It must pain one, all the wild Doubt they both lean to repeat, And with talk, tilt, till defiled, Authenticity; they break From all trace of joy or love, And with gossip simply … Continue reading

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The Really Awful Ups and Downs of an Ambushed Fraudster

Wordle 261 Trustee was a crook: he’d chip funds from the trust, Till he was found out, and then travel he must; Before setting sail, this slime went back to burn What might stand against him … ‘Stay! Bullet you’ll … Continue reading

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