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Disservice and Disrepair – Really Awful

All service and repairs And purchases of spares Provide a great excuse For customer abuse!  One, lacking knowledge, must Place in such folk one’s trust, And really must despise Technicians telling lies.  They tell you glibly that The gleeblewort’s gone … Continue reading

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Should health warnings become compulsory in books like the Bible and Koran?

Because of serious risk, cigarette packages have to bear warnings regarding the potential dangers of smoking, and liquor advertising is similarly regulated. Surely it is becoming time that religious writings which appear to make it OK to go discriminating against … Continue reading

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An invitation to advertisers.

Let it be noted that unless otherwise stated by me, I regard every advertisement appearing on my site (other than mentions of my own productions) to be the intrusion of a disreputable squatter. Fear not, for there is a way … Continue reading

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On really awfully sad notes …

My pianos are good friends That I have had for countless years But every era ends, And though it costs me floods of tears, I must accept the spot Which we’ll soon have to occupy Just hasn’t got a lot … Continue reading

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Really Awful Stranglers in the Night – Just as a Choke

    As a public service, I thought it would be a good idea to update soppy songs like the following one, to bring them more in tune with modern times:  Stranglers in the night Look for a victim Lurking … Continue reading

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(CORRECTION AND APOLOGY:  This post was prepared on the Friday prompt of Smitten rather than the Weekly Photo one of Treasure.  Well, after all that effort it is blanketty-blank-well going to be squeezed into the Treasure category whether it flippin’ … Continue reading

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Jokes on a Really Awful Note

A note comes into a bar and says, ’Plink!’ A note comes into a bar and says, ’Can I get you a plink?’ A note comes into a bar, sidles up to another note and says, ‘Can I give you … Continue reading

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