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Ritual Slaughter and Sacrifice, and Racism – Racists Using Bunny-Hugging Sentiments as a Smokescreen

Blatant racists use the emotive nonsense spouted by bunny-hugging imbeciles to pursue their own agendas of fostering hatred against Africans, or Jews, or Muslims.  They do so by stirring up aversion to such communities for continuing valid and deeply-rooted customs … Continue reading

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A Suicidal-Terrorist Antivirus

Recent events in Paris and elsewhere relating to misled fanatics highlight a dreadful situation, and some choices which I doubt if authorities will have the guts to take.  There is not much use in only pouring invective on the fanatics … Continue reading

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Ritual Slaughter and Racism

Today an article appears in The Telegraph which equates campaigning against ritual slaughter with being racist.  The writer should come to South Africa and join the pathetic group who claim that every ill is a ‘Legacy of Apartheid’ even when the evidence … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Serious Religious Questions

Does your God love violence, mindlessness, or making you very confused when it comes to time? Muslims and Christians have                 thinking that’s twisted? Jesus, Muhammad, both                never existed According to many                historical types Who say the accounts … Continue reading

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Ode hear, this is Really Awfully Shakespearean

(Click on appropriate section of sidebar on right for translations, writings, compositions, awards and special series.) It is suggested that for  NaPoWriMo  Day  Twenty Four  one should ‘write a parody or satire based on a famous poem. It can be … Continue reading

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Ritual Slaughter and Sacrifices – Constitutional and Legislative Amendment Needed.

(Disturbing images are included.) In April and May each year, now, there comes a sudden upsurge of interest in these posts: Slaughter in the Suburbs and Ritual Slaughter as a Spectacle These slate the malpractices of ritual killing and sacrifice, … Continue reading

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A Really Awful Shining Example

  Reflections on mortality A lovely lady found herself in a religious sphere, And thought that smiting infidels would be a good idea, Deciding that her duty lay in doing what was right By causing non-believers, before death, to see … Continue reading

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