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AGENDA for trilingual six-word short story.

  De agenda van katten: wereld verovering. Agenda van katte is wêreld verowering Cats’ agenda: to conquer the world. (Doldriest zeswoordverhaal uitdaging — a challenge to use a key word to write a six-word short story, found on her Dutch … Continue reading

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Two New Years and ET

It has been quite a while since I have written a short story, as I was reminded by the local publication of ‘Mercury Silver’  last month which includes three of mine.  I challenged myself to deliver another short-short one (under … Continue reading

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Baseless Fears

I haven’t written any fiction for a while, and thought I’d better get back in practice so that I can do another novel. Here is a fairy story in the meantime; get a drink and a comfortable chair …   A Fairy … Continue reading

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Unlocking a Gate

In looking to see if Rochelle had posted a new picture prompt for a hundred-word story, I found the one below and mistakenly took it for the latest.  I furiously scribbled a story, arising from reading about the hardships suffered by … Continue reading

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Trilingual six word story challenge – DIY

DOLDRIEST has set the topic as DIY for her latest ultra-flash-fiction challenge, which requires a six-word story supported by a picture.  I am doing my story in Dutch, Afrikaans and English.  (The picture speaks all of them.) Lage muur hoger; … Continue reading

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Six Word Story Challenge: Dilemma

The Figments of a Dutchess Challenge: Write a six-word short story on ‘Dilemma’.   Dial Emma? Not? Can she forgive?   A horny dilemma:  who to ring?   © Colonialist February 2014 (WordPress)

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After writing down the following, it occurred to me that it would take hardly any tweaking to turn it into another entry for the Short Story 77 Challenge on the theme of The Way.  WHICH WAY? Conversation with granddaughters today, … Continue reading

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