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Repeating Like Beans and Soda

The final prompt for GloPoWriMo for 2017, and one which will enable me (after frantic catching-up) to qualify as having written 30 poems in 30 days, is to ‘write a poem about something that happens again and again’: This poem … Continue reading

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Wordle 288 … Where the Cap Fits …

No angel, but some feathered jinx That on this planet such shallow, hollow Doctrines implanted with their stinks, Expecting us to follow! With a sigh, we decide to leave each cult to bleed or spin Shamelessly into the news with … Continue reading

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A Really Awful Word(le) on a Bird Turd

Mess window in driveway, then add more To sit on screen; adhesion law Forms film across the glass a way; Inside car,  I take from tray, A pot of cleaner; washers spray And handle it; now my intent? Dislike for … Continue reading

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Really Awful Completely US Math and a Trump Pet

What Americans will do With math to make a USA deflator? They have now reduced it to The very Lowest Common Dominator. Is Trump’s love of dogs a flaw? Whenever to his home he comes around, Greeted by a Labrador, … Continue reading

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Wordle Dedicated to Viv.

It was a severe shock to learn that Viv of Vivinfrance’s Blog died unexpectedly on 5th July.  Fittingly, Wordle 256 has used words inspired by her, and I have taken them in turn to frame a tribute to this wonderful … Continue reading

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Really Awful Pa’s Sport

Today we had another wait Although less of a queue But finally this was the date We got the photos through. I’d also had an SMS To say passport was there; Did I collect it? Answer: YES! But wait did … Continue reading

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A Disillusioned Scot’s Wordle

These Wordles, with extra challenges added, are addictive. I have used the given words in order, and added a mere twenty (twenty-four if you count the title) to give a rhyming story. I hope it is not now regarded as … Continue reading

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