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Really Awful Crime Scene

  Shot victim under sheets; Man held to wait the news How found in state that greets; Watch count of long abuse; In cell the suspect fling — No deal with him can bring. © August 2019 Colonialist Advertisements

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Double Wordle Non- and Little-sense

              1) Absolute Nonsense Sham lift you spray at dawn, Then shimmy down to wrap; Fit choke, call shell on lawn; In corner, scar in gap. 2) Unsuccessful Car Repairs Fit  sham part you … Continue reading

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Celtic Rock; noisy rather than tasty.

The grandchildren were in the same area as this during the morning, and Jeneva managed to twist her ankle while Rhiannon got nipped by a spider on some climbing equipment. We are watching that closely. An afternoon visit to the … Continue reading

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Communion Wordle; e-mails Absurdle

        No rain; humility will grow; God still listen, only seven round communion plate? Priest sits, old stories to let know — A string of wisdom to change where lies your fate? Though internet would stay, My … Continue reading

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Finishing the Windless Side of the Course

(Course find beat chime melt groan shimmer sign water still oath short) Course find for beat; stopwatch chime; starting gun; Melt distance to sound of the rigging’s groan; Shimmer sign water still; round mark to run — With oath stopped … Continue reading

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Hooray for the Circus?

Cages will cross into city Stench from all these mobile cells Deny soap, giving no pity, Evil, why make sleep in short spells, During each trip huddled on floor Re-crossing border just crossed days before. © June 2019 Colonialist

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Sleeping rough; flowers around but all not well

Ha! Some windows of opportunity seem to be popping in and out of the internet. Let me see if I can get any of my stored posts through . . . Cut dogwood under stars rough bed to make, There … Continue reading

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