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A Postal Exorcise to Stamp Out Demons

Invisible creature close by; corners skip behind — Belong in Hell to roam — Strip from hiding and laugh as you find; Put in cardboard, paint black, post home!   © May 2018 Colonialist Advertisements

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Wordle Heads for the Bar

For the latest Wordle (352) I got too big for my boots and decided to break away entirely from the obvious pointers to a pub scene. However, my alternative of the Bar at the entrance to the Knysna Heads estuary … Continue reading

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A Parliamentary Pronouncement

  OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The power chain will sprout out with rubbish to press; Naught to stay simple, but sound sage, I guess; Rank lies seem same when, from their bag of tricks, Voice of spokesman will tip them to add … Continue reading

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Sticky Plath-tour for Cuts

Here, I am using Wordle 349 to meet the challenge of GloPoWriMo Day 29 where I have chosen ‘Ariel’ as the Sylvia Plath poem on which to base my scheme. I have also taken ‘Dirge for a Joker’ to inform … Continue reading

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BARGAIN POST – Two For One Clique

  Wordle 347 Day 17 GloPoWriMo – FAMILY TALE PASSED DOWN; IN THIS CASE MY OWN: To inject some humour for a treat, I must confess There’s a tale about a ‘sect’ who all in aprons dress; To channel my … Continue reading

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Ode to Bread Deliveryman

Wordle 346 Stranger drives bread before Light on–switch activated, Growl, ‘Devil, off-stage, shy, A stripe must earn for my Victual snatches levitated!’ © April 2018 Colonialist

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Water Baby

The latest gala, this time for little J’s swim school, and she does her winning thing on freestyle and breaststroke. WORDLE 344 Since birth the silky saturate This soul is sharp to have as dish; In truth, when broken shadows … Continue reading

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