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A Taxing Period

I dashed Wordle 308 off somewhat, for which — as well as my recent absence — I have a good cover story. I have re-re-revised my Darx Circle cover for final printing, and am also in the throes of designing new … Continue reading

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Taureg Prophesy

  Caravans across the shimmering sand Dust-rhythm shot with every plume; Chill of night to pick advent of band; With stars the prophet foretells doom — Sheets that all but foolish understand. © July 2017 Colonialist

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Spray Heads

Village with a Blow-hole of its own; A wave, expect to surge into the stone To swallow it, then comes a mighty quake; Laughs local tribe as stranger wet will make When standing on the edges; has a fit As … Continue reading

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The Last Squawk

          Thread of sound, whistle prints on mind, Gnaws like word from such ring can fall; Touch apart, broken one may find Wheeling echo of that sad call. © June 2017 Colonialist

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For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 303, my thoughts have gone to my childhood home town of Knysna, a place of peace and beauty now ravaged by dreadful gale-driven blazes, which some say were started deliberately. No water ripples within sight … Continue reading

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Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow

For Wordle 302, another Absurdle Wordle using the words in order, adding as few as possible, and rhyming:   Empty cost; no mercy sign; Flighty and free to bind; Spare jar in the groove keeps wine — Gift of forever … Continue reading

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Bite in the Bark

Wordle 301 with given words taken in order and rhymed. Breathe cold while snapped-off icicles melt to seep Through bark like stones of overlapping ice; Each limb this season will crack its place to keep, Crimped, till grass and blue will … Continue reading

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