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A reluctant flyer.

Fly pitch black, no light; Sing when runway strand can stick — Promising the sight! In machine you yearn to miss Any journey such as this; Airsick? Don’t talk flight! Forgot to post this one from the 4th November! © … Continue reading

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Truth Plurality

Wordle 281 Truth is not single; flee the thought; Though seal may climb from feeble source One siren call will reap but naught; Each part must leap to lean Collectively to preen Where none may cheat their given course. © … Continue reading

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A Fair Link to Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland and a Durban book fair featuring latest books by various authors – and my own books as well as those of others who have been published by P’kaboo – what connecting link could there be?  The year 1865 … Continue reading

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In Which Modern Writings Become Museum Pieces

The imposing building seen above once housed the Native Affairs Department, where Pass Laws were administered. There, hordes were subjected to the Boer-ocracy and Brit-ocracy now faithfully replicated in offices of the State administering Passport etc regulations. The museum bit … Continue reading

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A flying start at the tail-end of Wordless Wednesday

(I can never be totally wordless – as may have been noticed time and again!) The above picture reminded me strongly of this illustration Amanda Fieldgate did for my ‘Immy’ series, of Immy with hair also flying … © Colonialist August … Continue reading

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Developing the challenge I proposed here: It is generally agreed that some combination of all the following elements is essential in having a good short story: SETTING, CHARACTER, PLOT, POINT OF VIEW, CONFLICT, THEME. In illustrating this, here is a … Continue reading

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Glyph, Ellipsis, Brackets and Square Bracket Rules

The following is a guide I formulated to keep my own thinking straight.  A glyph is a symbol used for a meaning not complete in itself. An ellipsis is a sign or glyph such as [‘ … ’] used in printed text … Continue reading

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Add New Post on Old Screen – No More Beep Beep Boop

(Click on appropriate section of sidebar on right for translations, writings, compositions, awards and special series.) Does Beep Beep Boop drive you dilly?  Did you always go back to the older version until the option to do so on the page below … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty Two – Pastoral – Really Awful and Maybe Not

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty Two has a challenge to write a ‘Pastoral’ poem.  Always one for saving labour, I thought I could just use three of mine I happen to have in stock … Green Wheatfields (semi-serious) Green wheatfields rippling joyously in … Continue reading

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‘YOUTH’s a stuff will not endure’ You will find the Bard declare, Yet can one be truly sure Yielding to what he’s said there? Young in spirit, mind and heart, Yesterdays one may retain; Years that pass should play no … Continue reading

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