A Sunday Drive

. . . we visited a new-to-us farm about halfway to Pietermaritzburg, where one of the highlights for the grand-girls is shown here:

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Communion Wordle; e-mails Absurdle

Image result for pictures of seven taking communion





No rain; humility will grow;
God still listen, only seven round communion plate?
Priest sits, old stories to let know —
A string of wisdom to change where lies your fate?

Though internet would stay,
My e-mails went away
Tried everything to try and get them back;
One tip said an update
Had caused this awful fate,
Suggesting I reverse it for the lack;
No sooner done ‘undo’
The update came anew
So tried paid service to correct the fault;
It didn’t help at all . . .
What drove me up the wall
They then said e-mail them the fault to halt!
No e-mail here, of course,
— I’d told them — was in force,
So this entire exercise panned out
Like bucket with a hole,
To fix which, some bright soul
Says water should be brought in it, no doubt!!

© July 2019 Colonialist
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Pest . . . er, Pet Pictures

Too busy with other things to spend any time posting lately, even though internet is back and (fairly) reliable. I concentrated on keeping a bit up-to-date with reading posts, when I could find the time.
However, just to keep the pot simmering, here we have a couple of pictures taken this evening of three of the menagerie.

We have some dupli-cats.
Are these going to be dupli-dogs?

Look, you’re a bit cluttered, here. Let me move this junk around and send some of it onto the floor.


© July 2019 Colonialist
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How on Earth?

How is it from holes there can come
A pile of earth, the total sum
Amounts to much more
Than the total score
Of what they can hold? It is dumb!

The pile that’s in storage now seen
Just matches a load that has been
Transported away,*
And yet what’s seen stay
Still more than has come out must mean?

And comes a decision to take;
Should we with old liner remake?
Or go for some class;
Gunite? Fibreglass?
This problem will keep me awake!

*see load on pavement in previous slideshow
© July 2019 Colonialist 
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Finishing the Windless Side of the Course

(Course find beat chime melt groan shimmer sign water still oath short)

Course find for beat; stopwatch chime; starting gun;
Melt distance to sound of the rigging’s groan;
Shimmer sign water still; round mark to run —
With oath stopped short near finish; left alone!

© July 2019 Colonialist
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Highs and Lows of Internet, Emotions, and Gardens

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(To be sung to the tune of ‘My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean’)

Why is it my line’s overloaded?
Why is it that it comes and goes?
Why is it I’m being so goaded?
Oh, heaven alone really knows!

Bring back, oh bring back,
A life of less hassles to me, to me,
Bring back, oh bring back,
A great deal more sweet sanity.

When I am too busy for posting,
I then have the internet fine,
But when with blogs I should be coasting,
The signal goes shooting offline.

I went out for screws by the dozen;
Some sundry wood projects to do;
For one thing, I need to start fussin’
The Jungle Gym not to fall through.

And must now continue to fill in
Raised fence that I started before;
Securing the uprights there still in,
And filling in quite a few more.

I also acquired a beanie,
To stop my scalp freezing at night;
Don’t care if you say, ‘You’re a meanie!’
Not showing me wearing it, right?

Last time that I gave myself haircut
The weather was still nice and hot:
It turned out too much of a bare-cut
Now that the true winter we’ve got.

Today I quite overdid pruning
To keep hired labour at work,
Though far too much plant life I’m ruining,
I didn’t want labour to shirk.

Got him to dig hole for our puddle,
The pavement was covered in sand,
The truck took one load, then a muddle —
Rest left sitting there, ain’t that grand?


At last, though, quite late in the day now
The sand was all carted away
To leave behind sacks which all may now
Be refilled again for Monday.

© 5 July 2019 Colonialist
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Branching and Digging Out

Ridiculous in the extreme,
Who ever could have had a dream,
With five more days, so it would seem,
No internet would come on-stream.

Did double-back-flips with each test
To see what with it could have messed,
While being quite a bit distressed,
And singularly unimpressed.

Then finally, on mobile phone,
Came, with apologetic tone,
That in our area alone
A problem here had been and grown.

So mobile phone must, yet once more,
Let me a post into it pour,
A process that I quite abhor —
My fings become all fumbles for.

Now, when I’m back I can report
Activities of digging sort,
And also lopping trees, I ought,
For which some images I’ve caught.

© July 2019 Colonialist
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