When You Gotta Glow …

Internet back at last. We even got the lightning-blasted aircon repaired , and I replaced a blown-out garage window. Just a large broken branch and a bit of roof left to repair.

Now to feature something with a Glow for the Weekly Photo Challenge …

Well, one of the pictures I took for a Keyboard Manual I have just been asked to write will do, because what it has glowing for it is that the flash gave my piano a bit of a glow.

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Really Awfully Breezy

It is with greatest of regret
I say there’s still no internet-
Of emails I now feel a lack;
I don’t know when I’ll get them back.

And, just for adding to the fun,
There is, of gales, another one
Which is about to hit our shores,
While yet again more deluge pours!

And, on our main route are these trees
Unsettled by the little breeze;
This in-route/out-route only suits
When roots are down and no uproots!

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Hail fellow not well met.

Phone call from Younger Daughter at her work today telling me to dash off and fetch J from school before the gale and deluge hit me. I looked out bemusedly at the fine sunny day but took her word for the fact that all hell was already breaking out where she was. Raining by the time I collected her and by the time we reached home visibility was near zero. Then the hail started. Ironic as I had been exchanging comments with Ark that it is something we hardly ever get.

After we had been battered for a while it occurred to me that I had a remote for YD’s garage so we drove in and took shelter there.

We have got off lightly. Bits of neighbour roof in our garden and a part of our carport UV b roof next door other side. A demolished letter box. Sundry leaks and seepages. Whereas some have lost homes or lives.

Internet and emails down; this is sent courtesy of my phone which does not lend itself well to visits and comments. Thus a scarcity in Colonialists may be experienced.

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One Wordle not be Enough

This version using the given words in order for Wordle 320, has rhyme and rhythm and hardly any added words … but obscure sense:


Struggle at fringe of power,
Mystery list the star,
Swirl on road, stormy shower;
Sigh, lift the charge thus far

Using the given words in order with rhyme, and the fewest words I can add to provide something that actually means something: 

Dictatorship Succession and Procession:

Struggle is constant at the fringes of power
As mystery will shroud who to list as the star,
Swirl of robes down the road, stormy progress makes cower
Those who sigh for release to lift charges thus far.

Owlingly Awful Talepiece

© October 2017 Colonialist


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Not as in War King*

The photo challenge now running is actually walking — as in Pedestrian

Why did the chicken cross the road? To see what the sign on the Rhode Island Red!

And on that theme, a quote from The Mouse in my Baa Baa Black Belt:
“ ‘…what strikes you when you cross a chirping insect with a flying mouse?’ Baa shook his head. ‘A cricket bat!’ giggled the Mouse. ‘And, what do you get when you cross a lamb with another lamb?’ Again, Baa shook his head. ‘Lambs two!’ and The Mouse went into fits of laughter.
‘I don’t think that’s very funny,’ Baa said frostily, after repeating ‘lambs two’ aloud a number of times until he suddenly realised what it sounded like.
The Mouse was not deterred ‘What d’you get when you cross a road with a chicken?’
‘Don’t know,’ said Baa.
‘Run over!’ squeaked The Mouse and laughed until tears ran down his whiskers…”

Why did the cat cross the road?

A pause in the middle to lick his paws
Is a cat plan which has some fatal flaws:
A house cat then flat cat, and as the cause
Would be lorry that ever closer draws!

Why did the stork cross the road? To effect a delivery!

You’ll find a stork
Won’t really walk,
And when it is pedestrian,
It no wise is equestrian:
Instead of being one who rides,
It certainly takes mighty strides!

On my birthday, I have a right to do some shameless advertising as in the heading pun, which alludes to the War King* in my novel Regina, and in the quote from The Mouse in Baa as the inventor of my original Really Awful Jokes.

The stork was seen when we took the kids riding their bikes today. I took a turn on R’s bike just to have done it on my double-seventh. I have also played the piano, violin, guitar, and recorder, and done some push-ups and squats.

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A Prints-ly Feeling

Another for my Author blog that may as well also appear here as well. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to maintain both blogs.

Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

At last I have not just proofs, but my own supply of the latest P’kaboo prints for Tabika and Tabika Two, and the proper ones for Darx Circle. I am thrilled with the quality.

Strange that the excitement remains the same for the tenth book as it was for the first. Fingering through the pristine copies is like holding one’s own newborn child. The feeling comes through that it doesn’t really matter all that much if no interest arises, or if they become runaway best sellers. At that moment all that matters is that they exist — something that wasn’t there before is now a reality arising from one’s efforts. This even holds good for revisions/reprints where one knows that the result is now even better than before.

It is time Rufus appeared here as well as in Colonialist’s blog.

© October 2017 Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

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Equine expectoration

WP_20171004_12_42_52_ProThe view from Westville Horse Spittle where l am currently enjoying myself after removal of some chunks I am now better off without.

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