Waiting for the Waitress

The photo theme of Waiting is really appropriate in my case; I have kept everyone waiting for another post for over a week. This is unusual for me: I generally manage to fit some blogging in somewhere even when travelling. The thing is, though, that I have committed to reformatting eight of my novels for prints/reprints, and this added to normal chores does not leave a lot of time. Today I chose give precedence to taking grandkids to the beach after school — on the only weekday without scheduled swimming they still want an amusement involving water!  Only R actually swam, though. J and I got splashed and swooshed at by some enormous waves at the tidal pool.

Here I have a group waiting for a train — to leave again! — from a recent adventure.

Back to the cat feeding scheme for another picture. Here is the home of the customers, and an early diner waiting to be fed. The waitress (plus two trainees) is in close attendance. (Do not suggest to me that the proper term is ‘waitron’ or I might turn violent. This is a gender denialist fad with no justification in accuracy, sense, or benefit to feminism.)M is thriving, by the way, and is as adorably attentive as ever, particularly when waiting to be fed one of her couple-of-dozen meals a day.

Owlingly funny talepiece.

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Lagomorpha Leporidae!

Lagomorpha Leporidae!
That I say this you wonder why?
It’s keeping up my usual habits
Of, on the first, declaring ‘Rabbits’!

The only true bunny is really distinct,
But poor Bunolagus is almost extinct;
The area these rabbits best thrived and grew
Was riverine half-desert, in the Karoo.

For the current Photo Challenge of Structure

I am turning to this Structure of Learning where I did my last of many years of Spring Walk Stair Duty. The route of the traditional parade of spring hats goes via some stairs where it has been my annual responsibility to ensure that none of the little darlings go down head first. This year the hats had to be left inside because a nasty gale was blowing.

Here is young J doing one of her circuits:

And finally, with the elaborate structure of her hat.

And my Owlingly Funny Talepiece from Rufus the Owl, featured in Tabika:

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Did the Eagle Ever Land?

The trouble with school-going kids is that they have homework, and sometimes that can prove a serious distraction to parents or grandparents. Take this simple project of Rs dealing with the history of space exploration: 

After duly admiring it, I wondered idly if they had resolved all the Conspiracy Theories claiming that the Moon Landing had never taken place. I looked it up. What a minefield! Any number of these theories leap eagerly out at one from the Internet. There are those going way-back-when. There are those right up to a few months ago. All have apparently compelling evidence for and against. Some deal in cold scientific facts like the danger of serious radiation from passing through the Van Allen belts, and proof that space-suits are not radiation-proofed. Some do deal in these, but then also add various wild scenarios of alien intervention and control. Counterweighing some of the more imaginative fantasies in this area are a number of remarkably facile, incomplete and unconvincing arguments offered by the Yes, we have landed on the Moon brigade to counter some of the accusations, thus harming their own cause.

Ultimately, I tuned into this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_landing_conspiracy_theories

People may sneer at Wiki, but actually it is a fine source of quick reference and the constant peer evaluation and insistence on quoted sources and references mean that it has a pretty good standard of accuracy. This is why I not only use it regularly, but also contribute towards funding, writing and editing it.

Taken together with other links it provides, the article proved the most comprehensive of all arguments or videos I came across, and left a fairly comfortable conclusion that the landings did, indeed, take place. I suppose, given the scale of NASAs budget, it is feasible that all the outside corroboration could have been bought or cooked, but it seems highly unlikely. Yet the controversy rages on

At least it is a bit better than the Climate Change dispute where the more one researches the more confused one gets. If you think that one is straightforward, then you simply havent come across all the arguments and counter-arguments, or the downright distortion of data, misrepresentation and lying on both sides of the question that clearly appear to be in evidence.

Owlingly Funny Talepiece (featuring Rufus from Tabika)

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Multiple Shooting








Hammer down frame of rushing rivers,

Dump your list of epic shivers,

Hesitate on that late straight,

Sense the gusts, protect from fate.

(For Wordle  314 in order, rhyming, and with fewest added words.  Three shooting options are available to the reader. Feel free to select the one you think fits best!)
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A Tiny Cottage in the Woods

See this cottage? Well, this one is the garden shed ….

Today the owners of a Cowie’s Hill, Durban, property kindly opened it to our Garden Judges Association subsection of Durban and Coast Horticultural Society. Karen and Pat Goss have lived here for some 35 years, but now sadly need to downsize — it is a bit large for two people heading towards retirement — so the site will be developed and have further dwelling units built on the four acres involved. It was a privilege and pleasure to see it as it now is, surrounded by indigenous forest and with indigenous planting.


THIS is the cottage!

With good space for entertaining, both outside …

Where you can really splash out ….

Or, perhaps, in …

Even the loft is roomy, and gives a treetop outlook.

Some boardwalks leading to the unknown ….
The unexpected includes a cunningly-concealed summerhouse and tennis court jumping out at one suddenly.
A pond near the main entrance is fed by run-off from the road.
Trees as far as the eye can see.

If only all such lovely gardens could be preserved intact for future generations! However, ‘progress’ constantly intervenes. One of the problems these days is that such properties are not seen as secure enough. The more that criminals remain at large the more that law-abiding people lose their freedom.
This was a lovely excursion, and we are all grateful for the opportunity for the visit. Not only were we able to wander and snoop at will (all the many spacious rooms are more many and more spacious than even that impressive exterior indicates) but we were also treated to tea and coffee on the patio with scones hot from the oven.


Really Awful Owler Talepiece
(Featuring observations by Rufus from the Tabika novels — illustrator Lee Young.)

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Put in a Corner

WIth the Weekly Photo Challenge being Corner  this gives an opportunity to show the sort of corner I hope to be pushed into quite soon, when I do a launch of my new book It won’t be in that corner, though — it was in The Book Boutique that, very sadly, recently closed its doors. This was one of the last events there, when local historian Dr Duncan du Bois brought out his latest book ‘Portraits of Colonial Natal’ and gave a fascinating talk.

Ironically enough, following on recent political freak-outs at the very suggestion that Colonialism brought any benefits to the country, there is much in this book to show without even trying how numerous these were, and how many people among the Colonialists were active in trying to improve the lot of all South Africans.

Another corner worth recording is found in the factory where Younger Daughter has initiated a feral cat feeding and shelter scheme.

Here is a corner inside showing the feed station she services daily. Bunk beds are on the other side, and even a litter tray is provided. No wonder, when she visits there, loads of furry fans suddenly appear.

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Twenty-Niner World Champs, Last Sports, Rainbow that Was

My Yacht Club, Point, has an0ther world champion to add to the one it g0t in its first 100 years, which was Bruce McCurroch who won with Paul Elvstrom in the Solings Worlds of 1974.  (We have raced against him, albeit in different classes, as well as in the Nationals of our own Flying Fifteen Class against Bruce Dalling, winner of the Single-handed Transatlantic Race of 1968. We beat him.)

Now we have a 29er World Champion in Benji Daniel. Thrilling news, indeed. Lovely boats. I would enjoy trying one. Point Yacht Club is organising a bumper celebration.

From the Class Site

Young J is growing up fast. This year saw her last appearance in a Sports Day for her present school.  She came away with a cup.

J is the Teacher’s Pet holding the bear.

We had a striking strip of rainbow on the horizon over the weekend. By the time I focussed and clicked, I got this lovely shot of where it had been. There had been whales there, too. Some have been coming and waving at people from remarkably close in lately.

The red blob is where it was at.

Really Awful Owler Talepiece
(Featuring observations by Rufus from the Tabika novels — illustrator Lee Young.)

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