Rainstorm After Drought






Grass find twice as usually dry;

Wind brings many clouds with a freak sky;

Rising in fury, wraps city and farm

Within such deluge only stars escape harm.

© September 2018 Colonialist
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Overflowsville, daddy-o!

Today it rained,
And water we gained,
Today it rained, and after that it rained some more,
Today it rained,
And you’d be hare-brained
Not noticing the water we did score;
Today it rained,
And I have refrained
From mentioning the thunder that we bore!
Today it rained,
As I have explained,
Till everything was soggy to the core;
Today it rained —
I’ve got so well-trained
I cleaned the pool to waste in the mid-pour,
And then it rained:
That the water I’d drained 
Was made up in a trice, I do adore!

Referring to the previous post, I did want rain and boy oh boy did I get it! The pets were not too charmed that the rainstorms, one after the other, were accompanied by almost constant thunder going on through the night, the whole of the morning, and some of the afternoon as well. In all the many years we’ve lived here I cannot remember similar conditions. Wanna be a Climate Change Denialist? Please feel free to come and accept a vigorous kick in the pants.

© September 2018 Colonialist
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Mineral Bottle Keeps Pool Filled for Over 2 1/2 Years

In February 2016 I posted about using a 2 Litre mineral bottle to top up our above-ground pool. It has continued to do so to date. At the moment, the level is a bit low and we are eagerly awaiting the next rainstorm due in a day or so. The original bottle is still in service. The only modifications added were using Pratley Putty to fasten the hose coupler to the neck, and a clamp to go round the downpipe. The spares I made are still languishing in a cupboard.

Refinements added are that the hose is now buried and permanently attached, and that another hose has been fitted running to a drain at a lower level. I ‘plug this in’ as soon as I see the pool overflowing so that ground around the pool does not become undermined.

Even now that the major panic regarding drought and dam levels has abated, it makes sense to save resources and money in this way. I have calculated that if we were lucky enough to have a fair-sized swimming pool the amount collected would have kept that filled in the same way. In fact, for a while I helped top up the very large pool of the next-door neighbours using our system.

© September 2018 Colonialist
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Mourning a Fallen Giant



Whistle at chill sting will fly with grief,
Live trunk beside to remember time’s thief,
Peace you gather, touch, however brief.

© September 2018 Colonialist


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Oh I Do Like to See Beside the Seaside

I do love to stare into the pools,
Though the creatures that live beside the seaside
When looking up at us must think us fools!
Oh, it’s luverly wand’ring at the seaside
And especially at a low spring tide,
And to know that for getting to the seaside
Is no more than a five-minute ride!



N.B. All living specimens were returned unharmed to their pools at the end of the expedition.


© August 2018 Colonialist
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Changing Cars Like Underwear . . .

Now, Younger Daughter has a perk
Of often changing cars at work,
So every year or so would find
We had wheels of another kind.





This year has been a bit absurd,
May, new Avanza was the word,
But now you find our means of trav.
Has altered into a new Rav.





The passengers that one can drive,
From seven, have gone down to five,
And yet it is a larger size,
Which is a bit of a surprise.

As good as holiday, change is,
And this has not turned out a swiz;
A thing to make YD ecstatic
Is that the change is automatic.

Ginormous wheels mean that the ride
Is comfortable; quiet inside;
But I fear Rav’nous appetite
For fuel will give us all a fright.

Just took it to Squad Gala night
Where R swam more than just alright,
But sadly, J, after a fall,
Decided not to swim at all.

© August 2018 Colonialist
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Really Awful Loss of Two Old Friends

‘Twas in July two years ago
That I let everybody know
How shoes of mine had let me down,
And caused a fall upon my crown.

Well, after that, what could I do
But buy a shoe glue that’s named ‘Shoe’,
Then stuck and clamped the whole sole fast
To make the shoes yet longer last.

This ritual I did lots more
Since then, for I those shoes adore;
The family do not approve —
The soles lawn doggy-dos remove!

But I have worn those shoes again,
In winter, summer, storm and rain,
Although they may not look too neat
They really feel good on the feet.

The re-re-re-repaired shoes


At last, though, I admit defeat
De-feet of shoes must be complete;
Too great a feat to fix, I know,
But feature tears to see them go!

© August 2018 Colonialist
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