In Wordle 337 I am more intent on writing the words in the order given, rhyme, adding very few words, and coherence, than I am on creating poetry.

Post missing spectacle from spin
In mint condition from the ink inject
Sorry, inkjet … printer, no bend in,
Gentle; full sense each row; message perfect.

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Lost Days, Drier Humour, and a Painful Subject.

Dear Sirs,/ Month that I ordered duly received,
But I feel in this matter I have been deceived;
When counting the days,
A shortage displays —
Please forward three more, or I’ll feel aggrieved.

In Jan I had use of a full thirty-one,
Though those barely gave enough time for much fun;
I need the whole lot —
Three more than I’ve got! —
While we’re still enjoying the summertime sun.

And talking of sunlight, duration is fine,
But humiture truly is crossing the line,
To fix it, I guess,
It needs a lot less,
So, make all the days to a drier design.

Do note the comparative adjective there,
For, to have said ‘dryer’* would be as in ‘hair’,
How that could be done …?
Make hotter the sun!
No good!/Yours truly, /(Needing customer care)

A centipede in our garden (as opposed to a millipede, which is comparatively harmless).

My grubby fingers are shown to give an idea of scale. This could have cost me dear. A sting from one of these sweet little wigglers is not lethal, but on a pain scale of 1 to 10 is said to be a ten.

*A ‘dryer’ is an appliance, as against the comparative adjectives of ‘dry’: drier, driest. This distinction in usage has only really solidified in the 21st century.

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Keeping waterlogged.

A morning spent waiting for a meeting that didn’t happen in connection with one of the estates I am lending a hand on, while I whiled the time away with more jungle gym construction for a while. Then I was off to watch J’s very first Swimming Squad session. In spite of having done swimming during a sport period in the morning, she was raring to go.

It was an hour well spent. She was showing off a bit by overtaking some of the swimmers on every length, and was soaking in some good periods of  instruction and demonstration.

R, with green cap, is in mid-dive far left. That corner contains all the new Grade 1 Squad members.


After her swimming we waited for her sister to finish her own squad training at a nearby Olympic pool. Then as soon as we got home to drop R off, J and I were heading out again, this time to J’s Swimming School lesson. I was amazed that after all the swimming she had done today, she applied herself with vigour and obviously enjoyed herself.

Poor Younger Daughter seems to have a really nasty bug so I’ll probably have to do the to-school run tomorrow for grandkids and two neighbours. Then, R is in an inter-school gala in the afternoon, so I’ll have to be there and also do transporting home of course. Phew!

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Meddling with moggy in-ca(n)t-ations.

Wordle 336


Trample magic of day into dense band, with aim
That you ransom tale cat told in rain to inflame,
And dangerously change thereby name of the game.

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Water Untide and Ran Away

The granddaughters study marine life on foot for a change. From the Royal Natal Yacht Club again.

And, with this, and the one below, it can also form the basis for the current Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme!


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What a Star(t)!



J, in her first week of proper school, has certainly shone. Within days, she was given the honour of taking one of the two class teddies home for good behaviour, and at the Friday assembly the head teacher handed her the Special Effort badge.

There was also an announcement in her communication book that she has been chosen for the school Swimming Squad. That’s wasting no time! She was a bit dubious about this honour until I assured her that I would be watching her training sessions, as I have done for her elder sister.




She is certainly not unfamiliar with lots of water.

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Don’t stick around when sticks are around!

 A Stickup Warning

Cassie was sleeping, legs in air
When hadeda, she landed there,
And favoured cat with warning glare:
A useful tip Ill give for free,
My nest is up in this here tree,
And, near it, you dont want to be,
Or I will peck your stripy tail
And when your tail with beak I nail,
Youll utter a most awful wail!
My cry is famed for raucous sound,
But your one then, it would be found,
Mine utterly, completely drowned;
So glad weve had this little chat,
And hope you will remember that
You dont go near my nest; scat, cat!
The other cats, when near that nest,
Are also treated as a pest,
And landed next to, with some zest;
At normal times, the ibis kind
The cats will chase away, youll find,
But not, cats have to bear in mind,

When, in that tree, a pile of sticks
Reveals the birds are up to tricks
Intending to produce some chicks!
But Cassie said, Ho hum, OK,
I wont go near the nest today,
But, as for future, who can say?

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