Book Launch but Forgot Memory Stick!


I fly to pitch light novel

Sing praises . . . stranded, grovel —

Stick promising slides for machine

 Yearn for; miss; at home left been!

Wasted journey for talk is seen.


I have taken poetic licence, here. What actually happened for the launch is that when I got to the venue I discovered that the laptop wouldn’t talk to the projector I had borrowed! Some ad lib-ing took place . . .

I have had to be rather inventive in getting this bunch of words, used in order and rhymed, to tell a verse-ion of the tale!

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Towards Of Fish All Launch Through Wet

(From Yesterday Evening)
To say it is raining
Is putting it mildly,
In fact, it is draining
From sky really wildly
The water’s so dense
There’s no room for sky there,
Through the window, I sense
A fish swimming by there! 

I had to go out for
Some books for a book launch,
Though I had much doubt, saw
I could still be that staunch:
Conveyance I needed
For this sort of weather
A submarine speeded
Through it, hell for leather!

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Out to Launch – all of November!

I have been working hard to put this together.  I wrote the first book mentioned a while ago (but it has not officially been launched yet), and have had a hand in editing, formatting and publishing all the others.

The month of launches finally became official today, only one day before the first launch!  Nail-biting stuff, and hasn’t given the publicity much time to get noticed. Anyway, it has a month to gather momentum, and with the fantastic books coming forward it is bound to raise great interest. It is forming part of Durban’s efforts as a UNESCO City of Literature (see top heading on the right).

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Annointment From a Hadeda Ibis Nest

Wordle 375

Hadeda said nix on tricks,
So he built his nest with sticks.

Eggs sway in breeze on misty day

Attentive parents drive cats away

Hatched child (or chick) in home movies features

Won’t sing, but runny tum these creatures —

Find the corn set out today

Sent back down in a gooey spray!


I am con-sultana a lot of writers soon in raisin currant matters of grape importance.

That is to say that during November I will be officially launching four major locally  published books by a brilliant selection of overseas authors (plus one of my own), and running five writing workshops at our local library.  I will also be participating in a joint launch with another local author, organised by the District Six (not Cape Town’s one) library region in Durban. The publicity laid on by the libraries has started very late (only in the newspapers today) so I hope the local community notices!

Oh yes, I also have to do my President bit on Saturday for Durban and Coast Horticultural Society’s annual Garden of the Year Competition prizegiving.  I still need to type out a number of the reports . . .

No wonder my blogging is a bit scarce!

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Gala Occasion for Sisters


It can be seen here that J (green cap) is clearly in the lead of the Under 7 Breaststroke race.

Indeed, she watches triumphantly as the second girl does her touch.

Here the splashes show that R, in the Under 11 Freestyle, has completed her tumble-turn just ahead of the others, and she went on to win.


At last, a Squad Gala where both grandkids were fit and competing. They distinguished themselves nicely.  J got a third in the butterfly, and then won both the freestyle and the breaststroke in her age group. R, in hers, won freestyle and breaststroke (we think, or she was second in the latter if the timekeepers were not on the ball; she knows she touched first by a fraction of a second). Then she was second in the butterfly and third in the open freestyle.

Now they both have Swimming School/Club galas coming up.

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Cabaret Show-off

In celebration of Younger Daughter’s birthday (she should have been named Horatia, being born on Trafalgar Day) we went to the Chanticleer Hotel in Drummond, where the roast meal with soup, main course of succulent beef and veg, and fruit salad and ice cream were delicious and most reasonable. The cabaret laid on was spectacular, indeed.

Let me put my arms … er, tail … around you, my darling!



Looky, looky, looky!  Romance in detail of de tail!

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