High Cs to rival Pavarotti

I only saw the high seas that trashed Durban’s North Beachfront from home, and wish I’d taken a trip right away to get a closer look.  Apparently these were a spin-off from another Madagascar cyclone. Even from as far away as our home, the crunches of the really massive breakers were like not-so-distant explosions, and there has been a constant roar as an undercurrent, rather like the rumble a busy nearby motorway gives.

The moon was full that evening, which meant spring tides to add to the effect.  Here it is rising still in daylight:

The above picture was taken from this sports field in the valley near where we had gone to ride bikes:

Later I took another one from home.  Something magic about the moon over sea.

Today I went to look for any breach upon our beach. Other than lots of sand where sand shouldn’t be, none featured I could see.

Waves were still waving enthusiastically, though.

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Naming arose amazingly

This is Ark’s unidentified rose

This is a variety called ‘Maiden’s Blush’.






Ark(enaton) of A Tale Unfolds posted an attractive rose picture and confessed that he didn’t know the variety.  This comment string ensued:

colonialist says:

You petunia to the occasion just wouldn’t work, would it?
As for the variety, ‘maidenly blush’ would do pretty well.

Arkenaten says:

I shall not rise to the p(r)une

Maidenly Blush? Is it? You are the gardener and judge, so I shall bow to your expertise in such matters.

colonialist says:

*hastily* Whoah! I just invented it! (Wouldn’t it be funny if it actually is that or something like!)

Arkenaten says:

Well, hang around, you might get the chance to name a rose some day and Maiden’s Blush sounds pretty neat to my un- botanical mind.

I got curious and looked it up.  The Maiden’s Blush variety does exist, and looks pretty (haha) similar.  This rose seems to have all sorts of variations in tightness and shape of petals, so it probably is the same kind.  Between the two of us (with Ark’s variation from ‘maidenly’ to ‘maiden’s’) we nailed it!  I don’t think it was lurking in my memory. It just seemed to be an appropriate name. One of those synchronicity-type things.

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Empty Revenge


Wordle 290

Beasts relish boons they expect revenge may give,

A wish brims to splinter and bruise;

Blanks always flash where  a story of mercy might live,

But,  peeling delusion,  they lose.

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Anti-Colonialist Antics and Antipathy, Bikes, and Lots of Water

The past weekend started with swimming self at home and then we all shot off to young Js swimming lesson. From there it was to the Pavilion Mall, where I splashed out on a new cycle computer. After lunch we loaded the bikes, plus Much Better Halfs old Raleigh which I have fixed up again and also fitted with a computer. Not that MBH intends to use it, but Younger Daughter did, and after years and years of not riding proved the old saying that you dont forget how. I rode down to the valley, and managed to get up to 47 KPH on the relatively short downhill, nearly beating the rest in the car. Then we did a few kilometres of circuits and bumps. Young J is still a tad insecure on a bike but, after being persuaded, once she got going she didnt want to stop.

There was more swimming back at home, and I got stuck into trying to feed WiFi from my cottage router to a dongle in the main house. While I was crawling under a table in the front room where Younger Daughers computer is housed, I got covered in a number of tiny but vicious ants. Normally I dont have anything to do with poisons, but for this nasty little bunch I made an exception and said devoutly, Let us spray!

Can you believe it, but at about two in the morning I woke up to a most unpleasant sensation and turned the light on to discover that the upper part of my body was covered in ants that were forming a procession up my bed near the head and onto my pillow. MBH next to me was totally unaffected. Sheer coincidence, or had the cottage ants received a message from the house-nest survivors to organise a revenge party? Anyway, I didnt have any ant-icide handy, but zapped them with lots of talcum powder.

On Sunday we were entertaining a friend on her birthday, and decided to take her and her two children to the Point Yacht Club part of Durban Watersports Club. The wind was a bit fierce, but the kids loved the little waves. We took a couple of my belly boards with us.  I found I had left my costume at home, but was able to borrow the sons (for a 13-14 age boy, which was a tight but just possible fit), went out quite far, and surfed merrily back again.  Being dumped back on the beach put the costume under a bit of strain, though.

Then the wind and sun got a bit much, so we drove back to the harbour part and went for lunch at Royal Natal Yacht Club on the Esplanade. Kids swam in that pool, but I abstained. Back home, more swimming. It is a wonder our kids arent totally waterlogged.

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Fire and Brimstone

Wordle 289

The words smoke forth with bits of flame;

Leaks through the mind that saw the parts to miss

Church, temple, swing flat lies of blame,

But sense can track what eye may miss of this.

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Communication from a Cattle Crossing

Eldest granddaughter Immy has just received the following letter:

We are, of course, thrilled.  With the reputation and performance of Oxford, only those with outstanding graduate results even bother to apply, and even then most are turned away.  We can only hope that logistics will enable her to take up the offer.

This is the Immy of Immy and the Dragon fame, of course.  It just shows how useful towards one development it is to befriend a dragon at an early age!  🙂


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Juno Watt was a bit of a clot
And she gossiped quite a lot;
Ivor Heard was a bit of a nerd,
And he hung on every word;
Hours on end Ivors ears she would bend
Full attention he would lend;
Then, in turn, Ivors news she would learn;
Both for more and more would yearn;
Strange to tell, for each other they fell,
And together they now dwell
How they yell when new gossip they smell
Its a marriage made in hell.

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