A Band Done Meant


Today the kids and their Mama

Have journeyed forth a little far,

O’er blazing fires they have flown

Which back on their own route have blown,

Till in Cape Town they duly landed

Where family won’t leave them stranded,

For Endless River’s the end game

(Rivier Sonder End the proper name!}

Tonight with Loki locked in house

He had a simply awful grouse,

And yelled and yelped, quite in the mood

To wake up all the neighbourhood!

Next problem was the Toby fate,

He sat and wept inside the gate,

And when I tried to fetch him down,

He simply circled back, the clown!

So I have given up on him —

To come to cottage, he’s too dim!

And so this over-faithful chum

Will wait for people who won’t come.

But Loki’s paid for playing ball —

He’s sleeping in our lounge, and all!

© December 2019 Colonialist
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Wordle 434: The Prospector Celebrates Success.

Shuffle to bar; brief cheer at surge of dirt

Trip; still kiss the steam that will churn from glittery shirt!

© December 2019 Colonialist
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Frantic Activity and Fury

Today I put in a burst of activity as the last time before the Chemo kicks in and I feel furious ambitions to sleep. First I paid the customary visit to the Flea Market, here seen from the far end from which, for reasons unknown, I never normally take a picture:


Then on to the Chinese Shop. Some of the combined loot is shown here:Loot

There was an amusing, if infuriating at the time, incident at the mini-mall where the Chinese shop is situated. Coming from the Flea Market, the nearest entry was at the opposite end. I looked for any trace of a ‘No Entry’ or ‘One Way’. None. Reassured, I started driving in. I was promptly blocked by an individual in a wheelchair, at whom I hooted furiously. By now, my car’s rear end was obstructing traffic. Then another individual came to the window and said this was a no entry. My requests to let me in anyway, out of consideration to the other motorists, fell on deaf ears and he stopped the traffic in the road itself so that I could reverse and pull out.

Then came the fury-maker. This whipper-snapper said, ‘You too old to drive.’

Seeing lots of red, I extricated the car and went to the entrance on the other side. Then I found parking and started walking purposefully in the direction of the ‘Exit’. Once there, I checked again for any sort of signage or lines prohibiting entrance. None. Then I asked a new guard at the gate where my wheelchair friend and his partner in insult were.

The response cracked me up.

‘They see you come. They run away.’

Oh, by the way. The Enid Blyton book I had been seeking at the Library, leaving strict instructions to notify me if it surfaced, was found in its proper place by a proactive Rhiannon today. She grabbed it, and I read the first two chapters to a highly appreciative audience this afternoon.

© December 2019 Colonialist


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Dripped On and At

For the past week it has rained; It has rained hard. It has rained gently. It has drizzled. It has teemed down. It has teamed up with the wind to wreck umbrellas and soak the holders. By the time a car door could be opened, the rain had blown in to saturate the seats. In short, everything is soggy.

Today (make that yesterday, now) most of day was taken up with the second session of Chemo, just after I was all frisky again. Another form of drips.
I suppose this may tend to make me scarce again for a while.
For a continuation of the treatment, I was given lessons in how to use a hypodermic syringe at home, daily. Much Better Half adamantly refused to be involved in any such lessons
At the end of the session, I gave a little jump for joy when freed, to the wonder of other patients and the amusement of the staff.

© December 2019 Colonialist


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No Trump Opening Bid

Trump: disgusting little creature;
No redeeming sort of feature;
Filled with jealousy and spite,
Can’t accept Thunberg is right;
She makes Don and Jair like boys
Smashing up their childhood toys,
It is inexplicable
US have despicable
So -called leaders at the helm,
Surely time to overwhelm
Such slugs with their slimy tricks
And the country try to fix?
Trump is such a useless sinner,
Take him out, and not to dinner!

© December 2019 Colonialist
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A Cupboard Not for Cups

Today was spent in overseeing the installation of our new cupboard, then out on the town in the unrelentingly pouring rain to get a blood test and then to buy some items I failed to find. Even Enid Blyton’s ‘The Island of Adventure’. which I have promised to read to the kids as the first one, was registered as held but couldn’t be traced. Nor could a rechargeable battery lantern to use in all these loadshedding blackouts, as well.

Anyway, I was finally redirected to a Chinese shop with rechargeable/battery o
options so I grabbed it. I couldn’t get it to work on batteries. Back tomorrow *sigh*. This new paragraph developed a link I didn’t really need and underlined the writing. All efforts to remove the link were in vain. I remarked that at that stage of the game I couldn’t give a damn like in ‘Gone with the Wind’, and I went to bed.
Now it seems that leaving it in has caused a number of glitches and I have worked out that if I re-type completely, and delete the underlined portion with back-spacing (it ignores ‘Delete’) and paste a replacement, it should work. Holding thumbs . . .

Then the last ever lesson for the kids at their present swim school. They have outgrown it. I was full of praise for them and they said they’d miss my twice-weekly visits.


IMG_20191211_180330 (1)


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Wordle 433 — Writing Advice

The Sunday Whirl

Story filling well, so don’t choke;

Jump in, try to open with a joke;

Then sin and fire, giving grounds to fly,

With line for sexual hunger by and by.

© December 2019 Colonialist
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