Azille versus Zille

Helen Zille, Administrator Western Cape; (Picture — Wiki)

In an article published in the Natal Mercury on 11th April 2019 Stellenbosch academic Azille Coetzee joins the group of those who irrationally attack Helen Zille for views expressed regarding Colonialism. The basis for these attacks is certainly problematic, and show a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of the point of view expressed.
There is no defence of the system of Colonialism as such, but an acceptance that in the historical context of the time it was a process not only inevitable but one that conferred benefits as well as suffering and hardship to the subjugated nations. Once again jargon is introduced into the argument, with that recently overworked word ‘narrative’ describing as such the fact — and it was a fact —that the colonialists were culturally and technologically superior at the time. Never mind independent judiciary, piped water, formal education, improved healthcare and all the rest, it ignores the fundamentals like the wheel, mathematical concepts, reading and writing, building, complex music, and all the other facets where the colonialists were far advanced.
The English language as a vehicle for far more sophisticated communication than was available at the time can also not be denied.
Bleating about past civilisations in Africa, involving peoples other than Nguni, is totally immaterial. The period during which colonialization took place is what counts. Also, wishful thinking about how knowledge could have come about through migrants, traders and explorers, without colonization happening, is unrealistic in the extreme.
Given the points in history at which they took place, the choices were between isolation, as in the remotest parts of the earth where progress still remains static, or annihilation of the ‘inferior’ races, or, as the mildest form,  domination.
However much one may decry the methods whereby these came about, colonialism laid the foundations for the tablets and modern vehicles and houses that all those denigrating colonialism would not now be without. Poverty? This was alive and well in the times before colonialism and thrives still, including in the lands of the former colonisers. It is extraordinary that this balanced view has become ‘unfashionable’ with politicians and academics alike, who all take a stance that nothing to do with colonialism or the colonists was in any way admirable. This is manifestly absurd.

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The Rhyme Prompt for Day 11 of GloPoWriMo reads: ‘we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of origin. Where are you from? Not just geographically, but emotionally, physically, spiritually?’
This makes me think of Knysna Heads where I had my first idyllic younger years before moving to the hated inland. Even Durban doesn’t quite cut the mustard by comparison. Like our previous Durban seaside home, though, The Heads of my youth doesn’t exist any longer.

Oh, the place for me
Is right near the sea,
As close as is possible for me to be
Where the storm-tides rage
As the waves engage
In constant melodic cacophony,
With the cliffs and the rocks
In reverberating shocks
And each surge will rattle the pebbles free.

This photo of Knysna is courtesy of TripAdvisor/

Yes, my place of song,
Where I still belong
And for which my feelings always run strong,
Where each wavelet laps
With the gentlest of taps,
After gurgling over the current strong
As the tide will recede;
Then such peace it will breed
Like a tinkle to follow a big brass gong.

This photo of Knysna is courtesy of TripAdvisor
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Things of Fishy All

A fish supper at John Dory










The ANC set out to be
With protests, as usual, vile,
Filled with their usual idiocy
And drowning in ‘de Nile’,
Although from Egypt rather far
They show by all their actions,
As dimmer than the mummies are,
With anti-truth-type factions.

Their answer to a damning book,
With proofs of deep corruption
Is not to stop and take a look;
Instead, at launch disruption,
They seek some copies there to shred,
As if, by being vandals,
The truth will all be rendered dead,
So they avoid the scandals.

On the news this evening was that a Cape Town launch of the book was disrupted by (apparently ANC) protestors, who tore some of the books. This represents another rotten thing in the state of South Africa, with very smelly consequences.

I see that with all that has been going on I missed the tiny matter of it now being well into NaPoWriMo, or in my case GloPoWriMo. Nort a prawblem, as they say locally. It so happens that I have dished out a rhyme for every day of the month so far, and if I continue to do so will qualify for my seventh sidebar badge, having started in 2013. None of them this month so far has been on the suggested theme for the day, but I may follow a few of these later on during the month.

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Warmongers and Reason; Specially Needy

guns lose way chime room order smells now ring want chatter fear



Those relying on guns should lose way to chime
In the room for order,
Smells and sounds of conflict now ring all the time
They want a chatter of fear from each recorder.

A Remedial Correction of the Previous Correction:

On daughter’s job, I still mislead,
And she is getting cross, indeed;
The Special Needs already stand,
But at their helm will go her hand
As soon as six-month course complete
To qualify her for that seat;
This is my third try; curse and blast!
I hope I’ve got it right at last.

© April 2019 Colonialist.
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Feeding Fish and On Fish, Remedy to Special Needs, Excursion, Rhymes

The family’s six-monthly new wheels. Previous ones sold to Br & Sr-in Law.




Lunch at Yacht Club.
Not of fish all, but some were! And, behind me, the kids were doing their usual fish imitations in the Yacht Club pool.



It seems I got my facts all wrong
When singing Elder Daughter song,
‘Remedial’ does not apply
Inside the UK by the bye;
No, she will set up ‘Special Needs’
And head it up, when she succeeds,
With actual teaching mainly done
By those in Dept. that she will run.

And so to the Canal District

Bearing bread, for which we soon attracted large takers.

I haven’t done Mad Kane’s Limerick Challenge for a while. So, first on the rhyme words of ‘Confused’ or ‘Eyes’ (I used both with a theme of People in Grass Houses Shouldn’t Stow Thrones):

Stowed thrones in grass houses refused:
The structure by termites confused —
In front of your eyes
Collapsing surprise! —
The Queen says, ‘We are not amused.’

Then, on the theme of a LEMON, where my vast admiration for the genus Trumpus Obnoxious shines through:

A lemon is known to be sour
But next to Trump’s visage will cower:
Compared to the pan
Of that acid man
The lemon seems sweet as a flower!

© April 2019 Colonialist
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Remedial Family Reunion

What joy; Elder Daughter has come to stay
All the way from her home in U.K.,
With news that offers a special feature:
Promotion as Remedial Teacher!
She is now in charge of that whole section,
As, on abilities, reflection,
Outstanding effort has won through —
Such recognition is overdue;
Though, to fill in some knowledge she may now lack,
To university she must go back!

Her largest suitcase was filled with gifts
To give the hearts of all some lifts,
Her nieces two were thrilled to bits,
With puzzle large to test their wits,
And other things too many to mention
To meet with every good intention;
My fudge is simply lovely stuff —
D’you think that she got me enough?
And tags shown here for edit tasks
Give all the aids that an editor asks.

© April 2019 Colonialist


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Lying in Order to Stand

In public, Trump is compromised as liar

For guilt refer to speeches made entire —

Try proof for those despicable lies to stand?

None! Tyranny sing, with ugly underhand.

© April 2019 Colonialist


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