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   On the first of the month some funny habits Always make me refer to bunny rabbits, Though if there should be Some thrust out at me                           … Continue reading

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  Does one compete avoiding hats? No, such would be no fun; A better competition, that’s, Which gets one to caps shun.  I solemnly undertake to try and run this one a bit more slickly, and not get side-tracked for … Continue reading

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‘Do’-ing ‘Re’-peat gives ‘Mi’ (‘Fa’ too much ‘So’) more ‘La’-‘Te’-tude.

The overwhelming outpouring of enthusiastic comments on my previous post saying, in effect, ‘Duh…?!’, together with some technical background stuff from Calmgrove, encouraged me to expand upon the infliction.  Here I do an even more obscure version of my graphics … Continue reading

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  Having selected this picture from my archives as a WW candidate, I was struck with the thought that it would also be a good Caption Competition subject.  That makes it Wordy, not Wordless.  So, sue me! As many entries … Continue reading

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Croak, croak-croak …

My Wordless Wednesday bit … While I am at it, though, why not make a caption competition out of this?  Haven’t had one for some time. And for some froggy music to inspire you, I give you – of course … Continue reading

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  Way back in history I ran a Caption Competition with this picture: Since then I have been promising to post the entries for judging and/or making excuses for the delays.    Are you sitting down?  In a secure spot from … Continue reading

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Really Awful Tweet-tweet

Pecking Bird-call Nocturne score – Reformatting quite a chore – Leaves no time on blogs to fritter, So I’ll get by with a  Twitter! Favour asked: in previous post Say which cover you like most? Comment on what’s good and … Continue reading

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I have, hopefully, got Constitutional matters out of my constitution. My redrafted version (not a verse-ion in verse for it has more reason than rhyme) was sent out to the Board today. I can have fun again.  High time I … Continue reading

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Captions for Caption Competition

(See sidebar for Translator, Music, Novels, Awards etc.)   Please vote for your top three in a comment, giving the numbers of your first, second and third choices, e.g. 6, 14, 20.  Don’t be shy about voting for yourself! 1 … Continue reading

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I haven’t run a competition for months, and this picture doing the rounds by email is just too good to miss.  That is not a sight I would like to see upon opening the door.  A black mamba that size … Continue reading

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