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My Troeteldier Amber met verbeteringe en musiek.

(Sien Mei 11 vir oorspronklike). Ek het ‘n paar verbeteringe gemaak asook om ‘n stuk van my ‘Trio No 2 for Alto Recorder, Piano and Violin’ by te sit. © 18 May Colonialist

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                  I enjoyed the hospital visit so much I am going to repeat the experience on Wednesday for a bit longer.                           … Continue reading

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A cat is a creature with pins on its paws; A rather nice set of sharp fangs in its jaws;   You make them disjointed,   Responses are pointed – You pause with the jaws and the claws as the … Continue reading

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(Translate; Vertaal; Vertalen; Traduire; Übersetzung: μετάφραση: Tradução: Перевод; Traducción: )———-> (Click on Sidebar items on right for translations, to play Colonialist compositions, or to visit his writings etc.) (Pooky prompts: ‘Today’s prompt is to write a poem that opens with … Continue reading

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Ginger William – a sort of sequel

I am sure I have the memory of Ginger William (see my series of recent posts with links in the sidebar which have also been linked to Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge)  to thank for the fact that when, in April … Continue reading

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    ‘They certainly are punctual!’ I agreed. ‘And, so many of them! Where do they all come from?’   ‘Oh, I suppose some come from Albert Park, and some from the alleys, and others from the yards and parking … Continue reading

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  In silence she led us across the railway lines, past the yacht club, and to an area which seemed to be filled with any number of yachts, tenders and dinghies which were resting on racks, trailers or dollies. Motioning me to set … Continue reading

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  When I saw the latest side view theme I was immediately reminded of a short story I wrote long enough ago for it to exist only as a typed manuscript. It is one of the ones that added a … Continue reading

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