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Absurdle Wordle on a Shattered Sermon, Suitable for Seriously Soggy Sunday

Wordle 250 Those taking Mass, in trance at flow Of virtue-road-map rant, Found bit of news priest then would show In chant, had logic scant … Such after-shock The trance would block. And Now, the Whether. Rain continues to reign unaboated. Breathing … Continue reading

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The Really Awful Rhyme Still Reigns …

This has now been added to my sidebar to join its NaPoWriMo brothers.  The passing of April hasn’t caused my diverse versification to die, though, as May have been noticed. I missed the last Wordle (249), so here goes: Each … Continue reading

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Water lot of it on Earth

One thinks of Earth as soil and sand, But most of it is not: A lot more water than of land Is what this planet’s got.   In fact, when seen from outer space What isn’t sea is cloud; It’s … Continue reading

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Stoop to Conquer

I must say that I tend to think Of all the shades porch floors can be The ones least suitable are pink, Or orange, or yet strawberry. A stoep* enamel in light grey I purchased after much deep thought, And … Continue reading

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Things are beginning to look all white …

Outbuildings, house, and cottage, all, Have painting jobs on them befall, From base of floor to top of rafter; And here shown is before and after – The main wall here has had its paint, One on the left quite clearly – … Continue reading

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Lying Doggo

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Partying Shots from the Last Post

Hopefully WordPress will have got over the sulks enough to allow some other selected reflections of the Saturday party scene to be seen, and to let more visual party-cipation be added to the party-culars as set out previously: That parties … Continue reading

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