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A Slow Day

My meds are all leaving me tired And sluggish to quite a degree, I need to be getting hot-wired For more than a snail’s pace to see, Today simply shopping down local, While taking some stuff to the dump, Had … Continue reading

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Politibabble in South Africa

There is some terminology In South Africa worked to death; And needing some apology For how, within a single breath, The Legacy of Apartheid Will be coupled with every ill; This Narrative will indicate White Monopoly Capital The way forward … Continue reading

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A Long One-Liner

Nothing could be finer Than replacing a pool liner In the morning Where the grassy stalks all twine around the base Making ripping sounds as I displace; Starting to get surly Where the dew is pearly early In the morning, … Continue reading

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A Fruitful Occasion?

South African Elections End Apple-ly for some, Though impotent erections Up Pear-ently have come. A Naartjie is averted, Banana Republic, too? Im-Peach meant’s not asserted As something they will do. Plum-p pockets may continue Corruption without Paw-paws — Water-Melon cholic … Continue reading

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Film Script

Alley shoot: a siren sound; Style: Detective, where clues abound; Lights give insight, live cameras shift — From tracks, to roadblocks, to permit, lift. (Of course  I took this slant after the film script editing exercise I have just completed!) … Continue reading

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Categorically Complicated

Cat politics, with ifs or buts, Are busy driving me quite nuts, Blackit, at main house, Amber swats, So Amber cottage yearns for, lots. The trouble is, I wish she’d cease Not leaving timid M in peace — She beats … Continue reading

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Teeming with Effort

  It will be recalled how I boasted and bragged, Till everyone tended to get sick and gagged, At the fact that young J was current year’s champ For moving at speed while immersed in the damp. Today we attended … Continue reading

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