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To Set Teef Really Awfully on Edge …

Let’s see what pictures I can dredge Reflecting living on the Edge  — For starters here is one of scores Which shows old home on southern shores; And this one here can show it, too: But now, from restaurant, the view; The … Continue reading

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Dune no evil, scene no evil …

Yesterday young granddaughter J and I visited the beach again for me to assess how many more steps are indicated.  The conclusion, alas, is some ten to fifteen.  On the way J chatted to a cat from one of the … Continue reading

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A Sombre Weave

Wordle 264 Life’s tapestry is woven not precise: Some threads will sparkle, some run dark with threat; Some, like a bee flight, mutable as dice, Where weight or lightness in veiled patterns met; Like cuttlefish, some camouflage their shape, As … Continue reading

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Very Soft Mirror Images

These pictures soft will be As music, PPP — Pictures, Previously Here Posted you now see; But tweaked agreeably Reflecting Mirror spree.             © September 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)      

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Spring Under Tension

September has now firsted in most parts of the world.  If you live in USA, then it will befall it will be fall.  If you help in the roof of UK and similar, then it is autumn-attic-ally autumn.  Here, at the … Continue reading

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Really Awful Parakeets, Walking Catfish, and Twin Names

The pond is still attracting cats When they’re not nesting like two birds As pair o’ kits; but do note that’s Not parakeets: quite different word.     Budgerigars are parakeets; A fact till now I didn’t know The budgies that each kitten … Continue reading

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Kitten, kittener, kittennest.

What sort of bird is in that nest? It’s like that of a hadeda, But ibis don’t have ears, so best Of guesses is an owl, by far. But, wait!  This owl greets with a mew, And sports some whiskers, … Continue reading

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