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A Stage Where Nothing Goes Right!

We have been through a stage where a number of things have not gone well. However, there has been one stage where things going badly have gone superbly! As one of our activities during the flying visit of Elder Daughter … Continue reading

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Ode to Bread Deliveryman

Wordle 346 Stranger drives bread before Light on–switch activated, Growl, ‘Devil, off-stage, shy, A stripe must earn for my Victual snatches levitated!’ © April 2018 Colonialist

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A Talk Not On Golf

In addition to enjoying this part of our brief reunion with Eldest Daughter on a day of perfect weather, spent mainly in and round our little pool, I had to neglect that side a bit so as to get involved … Continue reading

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Pack Your Kits

Mister Mack registered resigned disapproval with some mild disgustification on discovering that he was being introduced to yet another kitten. Yes, Younger Daughter has done it again. She has brought home kitten number five. Mind you, it is hard to … Continue reading

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Easter Presents/Presence

We are Easter Buns, and have left behind Some hidden eggs, two of each kind, If you find both, then, —do you mind— Leave one alone for your sister to find! A print of the above was handed to grandkids … Continue reading

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March-Haring and a BAD Friday

  The end of the month has not been without incident. On Thursday I took young J for some rather overdue training for a Swimming Distance Badge she is booked to try out for on 19th April. The idea being … Continue reading

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