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Optimistic by opting to miss sticks.

And the weekly photo challenge is Optimistic for which I feature the launch of a tree-climbing proclivity in then-younger R. © January 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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You are Really Awfully into Light Operetta.

Though you insist that Haydn You cannot be abidin’, And Beethoven, you claim, Did not deserve his fame, Plus you declare that Mendelssohn, Of all your favourites, isn’t one, And all the stuff of Handel To mods can’t light a candle, … Continue reading

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The Alphabet to Omega is all Greek to me.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Omega Wager … er, no, not quite right … oh, I know.  It was Alphabet, write? Well, for starters, let me delve into archives and copy one day of rhymes I did on every letter of … Continue reading

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Really Awful Racist Rhyme with Monkeys

The recent mass hysteria On ‘racist’-type remarks Was voiced by those I fear who are The dimmest of dim sparks. Except for those who got enraged At that disgusting slime Said Hitler tactics be engaged – Now, that was just … Continue reading

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Less Wait to be Weightless

For the current Photo Challenge, Weight(less) is the topic.  Well, the easiest way to be suspended without artificial things like wings or catching hot air in a balloon hanging over Parliament (or some lighter-than-air gassing, which amounts to the same thing) … Continue reading

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Really Awful Hamlet Production of Sterling Quality

‘To buy or not to buy, that is the question.’ Beware of flea-market allure, For what you find appealing May complicate matters for sure, Creating double-dealing; A hamster cage was very cheap, But hamsters cost another heap, And extras come … Continue reading

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New Year Revolutions

When it comes to a Happy New Year Some like these loud noises to hear; A good way to disinfect ‘em Is lit crackers up the rectum – Which will bring explosive ends to that affair. Some of our neighbours again … Continue reading

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