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Can there be Prophet in a Really Awful Wordle?

In adhering to my own rule of words in order and rhyming in Wordle 248, I have had to put in more than my normal number of fillers to make some kind of sense! Hills capture my soul; their peaks … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Leaf of Absence!

Abstract is required for the Photo Challenge today, I’ve been feeling most abstracted, but that’s normally my way, But for picture subject purposes, I should now clearly warn That also I am feeling more than quite a bit for lawn!

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Why on Earth …

A poem for Earth Day as prompted for NaPoWriMo: A place of infinite delight: Majestic oceans clear and pure, And forests taking as their right Free growth, pollution ills to cure; All creatures ranging freely where The whim should take … Continue reading

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A Really Awful Woodsman’s Wail

The latest NaPoWriMo prompt requires a poem from the point of view of a lesser character in a fairy tale.  Here goes: The tale is told of a foolish girl Who went to visit gran, Her head, as always, was … Continue reading

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Och, I’m nae really awfully Kenning wha’ I’m doing, here!

The NaPoWriMo prompt – a Kenning.  Of course, you will ken what my subject must be … Shape-changers, Dee-rangers, Court-dangers, High-leapers, Deep-sleepers, Love-creepers. Wild-fighters, Late-nighters, Food-sighters, Tongue-flickers, Pin-prickers, Fang-stickers. Soft-feelers, Heart-stealers … Soul-healers! © April 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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A Birdle Wordle

Wordle in order, rhyming, and which tells a story as briefly as possible:   With a rattle came the rest of egg in sight – When I’m old I won’t forget that shell so light – A stretch into the hole, where the feathers … Continue reading

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Really Bloody Awful Rhyme

I had a vague idea it was NaMoPoMo in April, but so far the only thing I have done about it has been to write a poem (er, Really Awful Rhyme, mostly) every day so far.   This one was … Continue reading

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