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Am bein’ so good at ambience!

Ambience is the Daily Post Photo Challenge for the current week. Many of the places we visited on our trip to United Kingdom in December had oodles of it.  However, it is difficult to beat venerable churches when it comes … Continue reading

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Air on G-string Knot Right

Oh, woe is me, Don’t get me started … Today my G String went and parted. What then hung out Was truly shocking It waved about Inviting mocking. ‘Twas all forlorn, And long and stringy; So badly worn, That sorry thingy! … Continue reading

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Truth Plurality

Wordle 281 Truth is not single; flee the thought; Though seal may climb from feeble source One siren call will reap but naught; Each part must leap to lean Collectively to preen Where none may cheat their given course. © … Continue reading

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Back to (what counts for us as) Normal

Some progress has been made with unpacking, dismantling and boxing the loads of Christmas decorations, reducing the grounds from jungle to garden, and preparations for the start of the school year. I was hoping to see some yachts in action, … Continue reading

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Climbing Back onto Verbo City

Time flies — just see how long it takes For these flies here, without mistakes, To crawl up to the top of wall Avoiding any slip or fall. Although, like spiders on a web From summit, flow can downward ebb; No … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty — Evil Triumph Take Two

WP appears to have got over its sulks, so this time the pasting happened. Here is what should have appeared in the previous post: Last evening the entire family, plus a friend of R with her mother, saw KickstArt’s latest … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty — Evil Triumph

Last evening we saw the Panto at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. I wrote a full set of comments and a review, but the method I always use of pasting from Word simply won’t work. I even tried an incantation of some … Continue reading

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