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Water Really Awful Fuss Over H2O

The current Daily Post Photo Challenge is, quite simply, H2O. Saw number plate on beer van stuck Which simply read: ‘H2O YUCK’ But still, when we are feeling low, We tend to H2O to go, With NaCl it may be, … Continue reading

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Really Awful Blue Outlook

If you’re into the Windows-10/Outlook-type scene And your Outlook gets stuck on blue ‘Processing’ screen, Best word of advice from the Microsoft Centre: Type what is below* into ‘Start’ and press Enter!     * Outlook.exe/safe

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Up the creek with a paddle

The Umgeni River in KwaZulu Natal would be classed as a stream in many other parts of the world, but in South Africa we are a bit shy on moving strips of water. Anything wider than a few metres tends to … Continue reading

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A treasure-chest of memories in one photo

The theme of Nostalgia given in the latest Photo Challenge made me think of a photo I found the other day in an old, battered bible which had belonged to my mother.  My scanner won’t talk to the computer at present, so the … Continue reading

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Disaster strategy

Misfortunes billow? Filter with a shoulder to the wheel, Bridge blade-strike moments: spin them with their grain; like wisp they feel! Lock out invaders; barge, in need, a shark-fin to reject, And, with such action, may upon safe coming-through reflect. … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Revolting

Universities inductive Of bad kinds of girl and boy? When these kids try being constructive, All they do is to destroy, For defacing some old statues Seems to fill them all with joy; With no mind for people that use … Continue reading

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Cryptic instructions for using a witch’s potion:

Open chest after you submit; Pot, that date, will be found in it; Rinse it well before lid you free, or Scream at mess of ashes there’ll be! This attempt at Wordle 267 is inspired more by rhyming and economy … Continue reading

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