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Really Awfully Detailed Rhyme

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is calling for Details.  Last night WP refused to post pictures and invited me to try again later. This morning it gave the same story. Now it has suddenly come, or been made, right. … Continue reading

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Work Comes to a Really Awful Grinding Halt

Today, a bit of a bind: A- ttacked by a mad angle-grinder; Jumped out of my grip To go for a trip With a cord-round-left-leg winder. It viciously bit inner thigh – Just glad it did not go more high! … Continue reading

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Really Awful Inflation and Depression

Here’s news to put us in the dumps – Both granddaughters contracted mumps! Some pictures? No, they would not wish To be shown here as puffer fish!       Today fixed cleaner, next door pool (Stone clogging mid-pipe played … Continue reading

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How Cats Play When Kittens are Away

When grandgirls and daughter in Cape Town sojourned The lounge was in this state: While they were away all our efforts were turned To sorting and repacking – Although the space was lacking – Now doesn’t it look great? Crazy … Continue reading

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Blur dee yell, hamsters move at a lick!

Ham was a lot older than Ster when their mother got them for the kids, and a couple of days ago Ham abruptly decided to head for hamster heaven.  The grandgirls were, of course, devastated, but the funeral their mother organised … Continue reading

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Really Awful Catnap

On Sunday, House and Garden Show: But I had chosen not to go; Around the house I had some work – Like paving, which I could not shirk (Well, round the house it isn’t, quite, But ‘round the courtyard’ would … Continue reading

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Wordle Dedicated to Viv.

It was a severe shock to learn that Viv of Vivinfrance’s Blog died unexpectedly on 5th July.  Fittingly, Wordle 256 has used words inspired by her, and I have taken them in turn to frame a tribute to this wonderful … Continue reading

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