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Supporting and Sporting

I slept in today, Then breakfast created, Before on my way (Now feeling quite sated), A pump for the fountain I bought while en route, (In evening the mountin’ To bear needed fruit) But Queensmead first went to — J … Continue reading

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New Year DIY Solution Filtered Through

This Labyrinth I Roam is hosting NN1 on New Year Resolutions. Here is my little bit: When comes the New Year is when I Get energy renewed; With launching into DIY Ambition am imbued This year I sought a filter … Continue reading

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Lateral Thinking with a Beam to make one Beam.

I recently boasted in a comment that I was good at Heath Robinson solutions to problems. (In fact, I should show the one I was referring to, some time soon.) I thought I would regale you with my latest. In … Continue reading

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Making a stable door stable.

One of the strange features of our new home was an enclosed courtyard with no access to one side of the garden unless one took a wild detour up steps, past the flatlet, and down another set of steps.  There … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One – Flame Lily Living Dangerously

“I’ll give you One, oh Green Grow the Rushes, Oh, What is your One, oh? One is One and all alone, And ever more shall be so.” Traditional English song often associated with Christmas   © Colonialist December 2013 (WordPress)

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