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Really Awful Hot Air

   ‘We need some airconditioners!’ My daughter blurted out; The heated tones she used Left me in very little doubt The matter, it was urgent, So forthwith I promptly went To airily explore how best Such outlay could be spent. … Continue reading

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  “I’m buzzy, buzzy, buzzy!” said the bee; Said I, “But not a bit as much as me!” “That’s bad grammar!” said the fly, “For you should have said, ‘As I’!” Flies are an awful pest, you will agree.   … Continue reading

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AN UPLIFTING PASSAGE Some writers sink to lowly depths   in parts that lose the plot; They also tend to rant and rave   and use bad words a lot – One doesn’t want to chide such kids,   or … Continue reading

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Really Awful Stranglers in the Night – Just as a Choke

    As a public service, I thought it would be a good idea to update soppy songs like the following one, to bring them more in tune with modern times:  Stranglers in the night Look for a victim Lurking … Continue reading

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Colonialist’s Caption Competition No 5 Voting

Here are the entries. Please enter three numbers in comments, indicating your choice for First, Second, and Third, in that order.  Entrants may (should!) vote, and may vote for themselves if they like their own caption/s best.   Examples:  (20,36,27)  … Continue reading

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Re-hare-ly Awful Puns

  I believe I invented the ‘HARE’ joke as an art form.  Hares rule the world. Hare, for your wonder, haredmiration and enjoyment, is one of my early versions: TH-HARE BE MUSIC! Lern-hare and Loewe wrote my F-hare Lady, in … Continue reading

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  THE FRIENDLY COCKROACH Hi there! I’m Cocky – I’m a roach… Why do you shrink at my approach? Why is it you don’t like me moach? Why don’t you want me here? I’m inexpensive to maintain: Odd scraps; for … Continue reading

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