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A Human Reserve and a Game Reserve

One of the ironies a blogger faces is that when there is a great deal to blog about, there isn’t enough time to do it in. With lots of literary things happening — watch this space! — I am battling … Continue reading

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Rare Medium, Well Done

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Rare has provided the perfect opportunity for me to post pictures I would, in any case, have featured today: This garden-on-a-table is an exhibit at the Durban and Coast Horticultural Society, to illustrate the importance of design, … Continue reading

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Really Awful Tree-t-meant, but a Tree-him-end-ous Improvement.

We’ve had a cypress growing where one never should have been, It battled for existence, never beautified the scene, And loved to send out branches which would catch you unawares – They’d conk you on the noggin as you tried … Continue reading

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Curve-sieve Righting …

I have a considerable interest in curves, and as promised here is Take Two of the Curve Photo Challenge. I am not, alas, skilled in plotting probability curves relating to atomic matter based on a hideously complex equation.  Also, the curves in … Continue reading

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