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‘Here, Here,’ Should be Banned? There, I Care. Hear, Hear!

Neither Hear Nor Their You want to applaud a statement. Do you rush into print with, ‘Here, here’? If so, think again. What does that actually mean? That something is present twice? So what? If new customs creep into language … Continue reading

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The Real Awful Case of the Murdered Adverbs

Some adverbs real foul murdered, And we should now detect Who, intelletual stunted, Is one you should suspect.  First victim’s name was ‘really’; It was real sad to see, How he was terminated: The Yanks prime suspects be.  And also, … Continue reading

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Quite surely, now, it isn’t right How pupils are not told that ‘quite’ Means ‘rather’ or ‘a little bit’; Which, to mean silence, doesn’t fit.  I really want to start a riot To get them teaching ‘still’ is ‘quiet’! If … Continue reading

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