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Too Maw Egg Skew Sis

I have two excuses for the recent absence – both self-sufficient. One is that on Saturday I was re-admitted to hospital feeling grotty. The second is that, also on Saturday, the internet and phones went down yet again and only … Continue reading

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Times Increasingly Interesting

The wrongly-sourced curse of ‘interesting times’ (it is not Chinese but probably American) has certainly come upon us. Most the past week has been spent in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ waiting rooms, or travelling from one to the other. One Specialist … Continue reading

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Taken Aback with a Bit of a Pain

Much Muttering and Motoring On Tuesday, from a certain lack Of comfort in my lower back, My doctor sent me off a ways To get a set of nice X-rays, Once seen, he did a bit of urgin’ For me … Continue reading

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