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Drafts of Re-air-ly Awful Hot Hare

  1 Someone prays before each meal, And jugged hare on the menu places, Then we would correctly feel That they’d have put on hares and graces? 2 Successful airline owners may Pass on to higher things, one day – … Continue reading

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A Rose Smelling Really Awful

  A rose by any other name Might well still smell as sweet, But other ‘rose’ smells, all the same, One knows the nose may greet.   When rows and rows of shacks there rose, A smell, pure, would endure; But … Continue reading

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Making Haste Really Awfully Slowly.

Hurry up and wait; It seems to be your fate That even though you’re running late – You hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait; You get so darn irate! In fact it puts you in a state To … Continue reading

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Really awfully, can he be long ear?

  THE UGLY BUNNY (or Hare Today and Gone Tomorrow) There once was a rabbit Who had a bad habit Of driving his parents insane; Behaving most funnily, And very un-bunnily, He was quite a bit of a pain! When told to … Continue reading

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I wasn’t happy with the Really Awful Rhyme in the previous post, so I did some more work on it.  I think the new edition is slicker and the meter more consistent.   It is still 100 words.  What do you … Continue reading

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  Sometimes I am really cruel to myself.  I decided I would tell an ‘Illusion’ short story, for the weekly theme from SidevieW, but that I would do it in rhyme.  Not only that, but I would do it as … Continue reading

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In visiting blogs on my list I’ve commented, hand over fist, But every comment will not stay, And fades away, try as I may.  In fury, reproduced each gem, And then again reposted them; The loss was really such a … Continue reading

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  SidevieW wants us to bring Perspective into perspective:   Should you have the honour that You are servant to a cat Do attend devotedly To each feline he or she.  Pander to the every whim Of the kitty her … Continue reading

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Reverend Fordyce, In year eighteen eighty Thought it would be nice And quite up-to-datey, To India to bring Lots and lots of rickshaws; So he did this thing, And they came in in scores. ‘Pullers need fuelling; Now that is … Continue reading

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A thing I’m dubious about Is ‘dubious’ as theme, Although there can be little doubt It popular may seem.  With ‘Dubi-dubi-du’-bious, In Frank Sinatra style, Night Stranglers to make furious At Halloween, a while?  Then, ‘Do-be, or not do-be’ -us, … Continue reading

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