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Ginger William of Orange (iii)

(Previous: (i)  (ii): Boxing Day 1974 had Much Better Half and I setting off in our Combi Camper ‘Cambi’ with our daughters of 4 & 7. We overnighted behind a bogged-down Rolls Royce near Golden Gate.)     We were rudely awakened … Continue reading

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Ginger William of Orange (i)

Dedicated to CALVIN (Co-owner of Kingfisher2) with deep admiration. Ginger William of Orange, aka Ginger, or Fizzy Willy, or Fizzy This will serve as introduction To forthcoming reproduction Of a series blogged before On a site I post no more. … Continue reading

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Really Awful Horse-sense

Grandkids now can join their forces When they go out-riding horses And though too seldom to instil A fast-developed riding skill, Each time they go, they’re more at ease – Their progress, thus, is bound to please; And they adore … Continue reading

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Really Awful Lines

So yet again you bet we get A loss of all our internet: The wonky lines began last night, And only now are coming right. I spent some hours on the phone To find someone to whom to moan – … Continue reading

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Of botany, bats, horticulture, swimming, frogs, and Japanese excursions.

  The weather was pleasantly steamy over the weekend, and I was in the pool as soon as I got up.   The grandchildren have been missing their mother while she spent a work-related week in Japan, and were literally … Continue reading

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Of this and that with no rhyme, reason or pictures.

  Formatting a novel in preparation for an edit has kept me out of mischief  for the past couple of days and late into the nights.  In fact, I slept through the arrival of some 30 mongooses on the front … Continue reading

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  Here we have some rare pictures of a Treelopperis Natalensis, an unusual  type of ape which clambers around in Ficus (wild fig) trees and chews large chunks off them.    Our pool beneath the tree was becoming like fig soup … Continue reading

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There has been no defection, But I lost my connection – My internet Got slower yet, Until there was rejection. To lack of blog selection There came no quick correction; Though lights were on The net was gone, Which led … Continue reading

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The picture I have chosen for this one illustrates how universal is the desire among men to have flashy wheels.  Seen yesterday parked at the Mall, here we have the bicycle equivalent of a new Ferrari with all the trimmings, … Continue reading

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  I do believe that I am qualified to write a post-doctoral thesis on stupidity, and take a professorship in the subject.   Those who are sufficiently misguided as to follow my scribbling will have noted my frustration at not … Continue reading

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