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Totally Re-kit-ulous

Yes, we have added two more feral factory kittens to our domestic collection.  Nine, nein nein! From each a little mew, And what can you do?   © June 2019 Colonialist

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Really Awful Parakeets, Walking Catfish, and Twin Names

The pond is still attracting cats When they’re not nesting like two birds As pair o’ kits; but do note that’s Not parakeets: quite different word.     Budgerigars are parakeets; A fact till now I didn’t know The budgies that each kitten … Continue reading

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Reflection, a Proper Charlie, Sea(son) Change, and Parakits Squawk

On reflection, I spent much of the afternoon in fitting two large wall mirrors in the lounge of the main house.  Pictures reflecting that reflection will await a daylight when we are actually home.  I also cleared a courtyard of … Continue reading

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