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Really Awful Stranglers in the Night – Just as a Choke

    As a public service, I thought it would be a good idea to update soppy songs like the following one, to bring them more in tune with modern times:  Stranglers in the night Look for a victim Lurking … Continue reading

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How to Escape a Really Awful Fate:

  (To the tune of the Wedding March; inspired initially and to a tiny extent  by the Downton Abbey episode with the backing-out bridegroom, but mainly just for fun) Here comes the bride, Quick, run and hide, You’re wed and … Continue reading

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Bellis perennis, kindly provide me with a response; My adoration for you has driven me Partially off my bonce; Smart nuptials will go in abeyance – Funds don’t exist for a conveyance; But appearance will be Satisfactory On a tandem, … Continue reading

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