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Glyph, Ellipsis, Brackets and Square Bracket Rules

The following is a guide I formulated to keep my own thinking straight.  A glyph is a symbol used for a meaning not complete in itself. An ellipsis is a sign or glyph such as [‘ … ’] used in printed text … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Modest Declaration of Admiration.

    The Pooky’s Poems prompt: ‘…write a poem in which the first letter of every line spells out the name of somebody you admire and the poem explains why you admire them.’     C  onsider Really Awful Rhyme … Continue reading

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Yeah, yeah – I’ve covered these subjects before. Still I have this missionary zeal to preach them. The first one, I think, represents confusion more often found in bilingual South Africans than in other English speakers. Such lose usage makes … Continue reading

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