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Bunny Chow or Chow with Bunnies

On each first, I have these habits To go seeking out some RABBITS! These came, if you want to know, From a place called Illovo, Where we went, after my treat Served for breakfast, was quite neat; This time all … Continue reading

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Rabbits and Bunnies in Really Awful Rhyme

For April First and Easter Sunday To have occurred on self-same one day Does tend to make a double bun-day, And putting-rabbits-in-the-sun day, And teasing them, and making fun, day — That way you get a hot cross bun day! … Continue reading

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Free Range Rabbits

December First, and time to say A ‘Rabbits!’ which will mark the day … I sometimes battle for new pics Supporting first-of-each-month tricks, But now I can snap quite a load Of free-range ones just down the road!           … Continue reading

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Just to say Rabbits …

Another month, and chunk out of the new year. Time I again concentrated on my fantasy and stuff, so instead of finding bunnies on the web or from my photo archives to say ‘Rabbits!’ wif, here again are the inimitable Scampetty … Continue reading

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TIme March-es On – The Hare, The Hare, Never Mind!

Today is ‘Rabbits!’ day once more For anyone who cares – Except, this month, perhaps the score Is counted up in hares? (Illustrations, of course, by John Tenniel) © March 2016 Colonialist (WordPRess)

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Welsh Rabbit!

Spring has sprung, and grass is rizzy – With mowers we will soon be bizzy? This picture is to say Rabbit – but this month I’ll do it in Welsh. ‘Aha!’ I hear you cry triumphantly.  ‘That isn’t “rabbit”, it’s … Continue reading

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August personages with long ears

If  I ‘BUNNIES!’ should yell out, From the force of habits, I’m a bit confused, no doubt – For, it should be ‘RABBITS!’  Aw, Gust!  That is quite a blow – Here, it comes in gale-ly, Gets the wind up, … Continue reading

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June Know What?

‘Tis da foist uv da mump, and therefore verily I say unto you: RABBITS!      

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– Crack of dawn did I awaken For I was severely shaken; Thumped on back as well, I fear, And had ‘Rabbits’ yelled in ear; (Now, of course, what I must do Is shout ‘Rabbits’ out to you; It will … Continue reading

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