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Drought and Desolation

Power to shack comes from spring Limit reached what pump can bring, Glass shows no rain, Salt in park kills every tree again, Nothing on wings in sight Insect spray on ridge: more blight.   © April 2019 Colonialist Advertisements

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Warmongers and Reason; Specially Needy

guns lose way chime room order smells now ring want chatter fear     Those relying on guns should lose way to chime In the room for order, Smells and sounds of conflict now ring all the time They want … Continue reading

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Lying in Order to Stand

In public, Trump is compromised as liar — For guilt refer to speeches made entire — Try proof for those despicable lies to stand? None! Tyranny sing, with ugly underhand. © April 2019 Colonialist  

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  Line blocked: scraps stuck in drain; To blow through, is a hazy plan to strike them free again? No! Climb up, slide stick from high — then message get: Water flows, but tap left on, so floor is wet! … Continue reading

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Awfully Missed Rugby Opportunities

                  Fly; chance may mar, let by, The star to shoot on the sly; Apart from falling far too shy, Lacks all credence! That is why Chart how they barter goal for … Continue reading

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Ex-Clay-m About Road-Dent and Chain Reaction?

  Clay-covered, puddle emerge — hinge Round story of mouse on fringe . . . Pulses with fury, vents at chance chain stalls: Causing falls! © January 2019 Colonialist

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Lamenting a Lost Love

Calls for walk on pebbles, repenting, Lonely love, his world representing, Air wild, and shakes the trees there; Sends to knees; now in despair. © January 2019 Colonialist

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