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Really Awful Hate Speech

I do so loathe and detest those Who do a public slaughter, And anybody who goes To denigrate a daughter. And detest those who to beaches Go to litter and despoil Including the foul creatures Who will leave a spill … Continue reading

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Ritual Slaughter and Sacrifice, and Racism – Racists Using Bunny-Hugging Sentiments as a Smokescreen

Blatant racists use the emotive nonsense spouted by bunny-hugging imbeciles to pursue their own agendas of fostering hatred against Africans, or Jews, or Muslims.  They do so by stirring up aversion to such communities for continuing valid and deeply-rooted customs … Continue reading

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Ritual Slaughter and Sacrifices – Constitutional and Legislative Amendment Needed.

(Disturbing images are included.) In April and May each year, now, there comes a sudden upsurge of interest in these posts: Slaughter in the Suburbs and Ritual Slaughter as a Spectacle These slate the malpractices of ritual killing and sacrifice, … Continue reading

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Ritual slaughter as a spectacle

In October, 2011, following reports of ritual slaughter of animals in a suburban street locally – apparently under permit granted by the local authority – I blogged under the title of ‘Slaughter in the Suburbs’. According to stats, that topic … Continue reading

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This is a bit out of date. I did it just before my line went down and I went off to have my insides meshed about with. However, I still feel that the behaviour is repugnant and not in keeping … Continue reading

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