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Communion Wordle; e-mails Absurdle

        No rain; humility will grow; God still listen, only seven round communion plate? Priest sits, old stories to let know — A string of wisdom to change where lies your fate? Though internet would stay, My … Continue reading

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Wild Words and Feral Tamed.

For GloPoWriMo Day 16 I am ignoring the prompt, and instead am taking  Wordle 399 as the rhyme of the day. Brenda has done the usual fiendish job of steering one inexorably in a certain direction with the choice of words, … Continue reading

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Stage Presentation (Written in England) Bombs Out

Wave year farewell; Writing which fires the earth in it? Three months in rain garment dwell; Find silence bowing; beam does not befit. © March 2019 Colonialist  

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Shy Thief Put Off by Prosecution Warning

                  Hints  — tough signal — shy inhibit; Night; file of mine swipe, implicit; Chill of sitting at a trial Puts them off for quite a while! © February 2019 Colonialist  

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Mourning a Fallen Giant

    Whistle at chill sting will fly with grief, Live trunk beside to remember time’s thief, Peace you gather, touch, however brief. © September 2018 Colonialist  

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Ode to Bread Deliveryman

Wordle 346 Stranger drives bread before Light on–switch activated, Growl, ‘Devil, off-stage, shy, A stripe must earn for my Victual snatches levitated!’ © April 2018 Colonialist

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