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Certificate of Existence

  This is an announcement that I am, to the best of my knowledge and belief, still alive. Also, that I have been caught up in rather a whirlwind of different distractions. One of these is tilting at the windmill … Continue reading

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Colonialist’s Caption Competition No 5 Voting

Here are the entries. Please enter three numbers in comments, indicating your choice for First, Second, and Third, in that order.  Entrants may (should!) vote, and may vote for themselves if they like their own caption/s best.   Examples:  (20,36,27)  … Continue reading

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    SHORT STORY SEVENTY SEVEN   There once was a blogger who sought flash fiction challenges. He tried fifty-fives, but lost the connections. Then he experimented with others, but most players played alone.  It wasn’t a friendly sort of … Continue reading

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‘Do’-ing ‘Re’-peat gives ‘Mi’ (‘Fa’ too much ‘So’) more ‘La’-‘Te’-tude.

The overwhelming outpouring of enthusiastic comments on my previous post saying, in effect, ‘Duh…?!’, together with some technical background stuff from Calmgrove, encouraged me to expand upon the infliction.  Here I do an even more obscure version of my graphics … Continue reading

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Really Hawful Hoctober Hate-th.

October eighth, quite patently, Will go down well in history, For on that date it chanced to be That something super happened – me! Just thirty-seven years ago, you see (Well, it has seven and a three, But it is … Continue reading

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Really Awful Short Story (Flash Fiction 100)

  ericjohnbaker has issued a challenge to write the most gosh-awful short story not exceeding 100 words.  I hope I have avoided Mozart’s error when he wrote his ‘Musical Joke’ lampooning talentless composers. Despite himself he produced some good music even … Continue reading

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DARX CIRCLE Novel Instalment – Chapter 5 (ii)

  (See sidebar for Translator, Music, Novels, Awards etc.)  Hugh and Tyrentia now began taking in more small doses of information.  It seemed they were standing at one end of a ring of flowers which must correspond to the one … Continue reading

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