Less Wait to be Weightless

For the current Photo Challenge, Weight(less) is the topic.  Well, the easiest way to be suspended without artificial things like wings or catching hot air in a balloon hanging over Parliament (or some lighter-than-air gassing, which amounts to the same thing) is to place a layer of two molecules of Hydrogen to one of Oxygen between oneself and the ground.  Or find a place where  such a layer exists, and place oneself above it.  Water good idea?

As an aside, by some strange synchronistic quirk, I found myself thinking of gravity while having a smoke outside immediately before looking up the topic.  I was running my mind over the way we use other natural forces to counter that natural force – like blowing air against the sucking gravity, or using forward motion to create lifting vacuums on an aerofoil.  That trick works for horizontal movement, too, as in yacht sails.  Anyway, if only one could find an easy way of not only creating antigravity, but of making gravity suck in any direction one wanted.  The simple trick, as described by Douglas Adams, of falling to the ground but missing.

Anyway, back to the photo subject.  Let me plunge into my stock and dredge out a couple from my pool of swimming-type pictures.  For, after all, in plunging into water lies instant weightlessness.

Where some of grandkids' swimming training happens.

Where some of grandkids’ swimming training takes place.


And where slightly smaller-scale practice happens ...

And where slightly smaller-scale practice happens …


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18 Responses to Less Wait to be Weightless

  1. TBM says:

    You know, I wish I could miss the ground when I fall down, which I have a habit of doing. Dang that hurts and I don’t bounce back up like I used to.


  2. Ah your good buddy Bob reckons he is weightless! But for Ellie and me swimming is the only way to go, she grumbles as she swims and I just love drifting and dreaming. Though when I read your piece I did think – skydiving – but I am too much of afraid of heights to give it a go.


  3. Imagine falling to the ground and missing!.. c


  4. beeblu says:

    Water a good idea, indeed. 🙂 My feet always thank me for it. I’m reminded of the photo of Stephen Hawking floating in zero-gravity and the look of complete delight on his face.


  5. Tom Merriman says:

    It’s been a long time since I was weightless, Col, even water struggles with me now…


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  7. Colline says:

    I am sure there is a lot of swimming happening now with the heat you are experiencing.


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