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Really Awful Monkey Business

We have been rather busy this week.  Daughter and grandkids fluttered off to stay near Cape Town last week, and it serves them right that they have been fuf-fuf-fuf-freezing while I have been barefoot in shorts and short-sleeved shirt all … Continue reading

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Partners but not in crime.

With the Weekly Photo Challenge of Partners, here are my three different versions: © June 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Brexit as a Navel Exercise

With the outcome of the UK voter shouties Of one’s senses one now tends to have some doubties – Belly-buttons seen on beaches Always seem to have the features That the innies far outnumber all the outies! © June 2016 Colonialist … Continue reading

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Really Awful Pa’s Sport

Today we had another wait Although less of a queue But finally this was the date We got the photos through. I’d also had an SMS To say passport was there; Did I collect it? Answer: YES! But wait did … Continue reading

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A Really Awful State of (Home) Affairs

On Friday went to Home Affairs Our passports to renew, Though crack of dawn, each bench (no chairs) Was filled with part of queue. We stood or sat on concrete there Till op’ning, while we cursed; Then, later, came one … Continue reading

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Curve-sieve Righting …

I have a considerable interest in curves, and as promised here is Take Two of the Curve Photo Challenge. I am not, alas, skilled in plotting probability curves relating to atomic matter based on a hideously complex equation.  Also, the curves in … Continue reading

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Really Awful Spray of Lettuce

To Point Yacht Club for Fathers’ Day And saw some tugboats there at play; For Sunday, I’d say that’s their way Of indicating, ‘Let us spray!’   And, turning this all topsy-turvy, Those sprays are really very Curve -y! … Though photo … Continue reading

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By Gum, Stuck for a Solution to a Hairy Problem …

I was still tidying the courtyard, and laying some slasto in positions where it will be later persuaded to remain, when an emergency presented itself.  The grandgirls had both managed to get chewing gum in their hair.  R (8) promptly … Continue reading

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Reflection, a Proper Charlie, Sea(son) Change, and Parakits Squawk

On reflection, I spent much of the afternoon in fitting two large wall mirrors in the lounge of the main house.  Pictures reflecting that reflection will await a daylight when we are actually home.  I also cleared a courtyard of … Continue reading

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A Step in the Right Direction?

One of the things crammed into my day was the completion of another step at the foot of the beach path to stabilise the previous final one.  That suffered badly in a recent heavy downpour. I refilled the first step … Continue reading

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