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No Trump Opening Bid

Trump: disgusting little creature; No redeeming sort of feature; Filled with jealousy and spite, Can’t accept Thunberg is right; She makes Don and Jair like boys Smashing up their childhood toys, It is inexplicable US have despicable So -called leaders … Continue reading

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Good News

If you’re wanting to be happy, read the news, No matter just what part of it you choose, And whether from the bottom or the top — It is so very pleasant when you stop! © December 2019 Colonialist

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More on Beds

    I’ve grown accustomed to my bed – Can hardly bear to leave it; By day and night I’m to it wed, And then need to bereave it; For every hour, don’t you know,~ I must get up, and … Continue reading

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Weekend Beginning with Strong Points

      Definitely, was Saturday,A day to remember in every way;That started with rampaging BoksProviding the world with some Rugby shocks,Thirty-two twelve, you will agreeDoes make for a convincing victory,     And some revenge it will provide For … Continue reading

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Sleep Addiction

I blogged too late the night before, Not taking of my rest a score, So when it came to sleep, I carried on for all today, And did not bring the blog to play, But simply counted sheep. Chorus: Hey … Continue reading

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Shed Up, Curse It!

Back to ‘loads that are now shed’I just simply went to bed;Now that lights have come back on,Back to blogging I have gone. Seems quite crazy that time spentOn one’s blogging, with intent,Must depend on current’s whim —Oops, did I … Continue reading

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Golf a la Carte

We lunched at the Golf Club today; Of golf cart I got in the way; It struck me then strongly How thinking is wrongly, And shouldn’t belong-ry, To have such things brought into play: For walking that ought To be … Continue reading

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