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Int…er…mit…te…nt Int…er…n…et.

                                  My internet is on the blink — The signal comes and goes; It comes when I’m away, I think, The way my ‘Inbox’ … Continue reading

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I was completing the job referred to in the previous post when I received an order from the grandkids to join them on an outing to Illovo Nursery on the South Coast. We haven’t been there for a while, and … Continue reading

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Entertaining Creatures at Chantecler

Yesterday we all went to provide entertainment for the fish, buck and peacocks to be found at Chantecler Hotel in Drummond, some forty minutes or so from home. It is not cler . . . er, clear . . . … Continue reading

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An emu’s sing thing —  🙂 Do emus sing? No, for a lark They grunt and bark!* And that would bring Lark to take wing! Where take it to? Maybe a zoo, For zoo can do With new wing or … Continue reading

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Annointment From a Hadeda Ibis Nest

Wordle 375 Eggs sway in breeze on misty day Attentive parents drive cats away Hatched child (or chick) in home movies features Won’t sing, but runny tum these creatures — Find the corn set out today Sent back down in … Continue reading

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Cabaret Show-off

In celebration of Younger Daughter’s birthday (she should have been named Horatia, being born on Trafalgar Day) we went to the Chanticleer Hotel in Drummond, where the roast meal with soup, main course of succulent beef and veg, and fruit … Continue reading

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