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Just to say Rabbits …

Another month, and chunk out of the new year. Time I again concentrated on my fantasy and stuff, so instead of finding bunnies on the web or from my photo archives to say ‘Rabbits!’ wif, here again are the inimitable Scampetty … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Good Past Christmas Presents with Futures  

My meerkat I have mentioned — Gift from UK family — More, quite as well-intentioned, Show how well they do know me!  A quadcopter for flying For as long as charge will last; To master it I’m trying, And am … Continue reading

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As Re Quest-ed

The theme of Quest for the current photo challenge strikes a particular chord with me, and is write up my street! I have regarded each composition I started writing as a quest adventure for myself and the listener, and each novel was not … Continue reading

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A Cat Flap and a Flap About a Cat

I was enormously chuffed to be tagged on Facebook by my most faithful fan, now a grown young lady, who has bought (or had bought for her) all my books, and has always said lovely things about them.  She reposted … Continue reading

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Silent Death, and Vain About Really Awful Limerick

  Transported into the Past During the Book Fair ending yesterday a talk was given about early transport in Durban, including a display of amazing miniature trolleybuses.   It was related that they were nicknamed ‘Silent Death’ because of their relative silence … Continue reading

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A Fair Link to Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland and a Durban book fair featuring latest books by various authors – and my own books as well as those of others who have been published by P’kaboo – what connecting link could there be?  The year 1865 … Continue reading

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In Which Modern Writings Become Museum Pieces

The imposing building seen above once housed the Native Affairs Department, where Pass Laws were administered. There, hordes were subjected to the Boer-ocracy and Brit-ocracy now faithfully replicated in offices of the State administering Passport etc regulations. The museum bit … Continue reading

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