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A Really Awful Word(le) on a Bird Turd

Mess window in driveway, then add more To sit on screen; adhesion law Forms film across the glass a way; Inside car,  I take from tray, A pot of cleaner; washers spray And handle it; now my intent? Dislike for … Continue reading

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Disgusting Barbarism

All practices which involve maiming or causing willful suffering to people or animals should be banned. No excuses regarding ‘cultural customs’ (what irony!) should be permitted to have any sway. This is an area where the will of an enlightened … Continue reading

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Time of Year to Fly a Kite

The Yellow-billed kite Milvus aegyptius parasitus takes a holiday up in north Africa between breeding sessions, and returns from about August onwards to get back to business. At first, groups of them are common, but as summer gets into gear … Continue reading

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Untruths and True Steps

Wordle 275: my personal challenge is to use the words in the order given, adding the fewest possible to make sense, rhyme, and scan. False Doctrine to the Indoctrinated Lies, flat lies, will work devout to seize: These don’t drop … Continue reading

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Immy Magic

My blog was abandoned for the weekend, due to a rather frantic schedule (believe me, you don’t want to know). I see that the theme for the latest picture challenge is Magic, which, as a fantasy writer and Quest composer, is … Continue reading

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Really Awful Completely US Math and a Trump Pet

What Americans will do With math to make a USA deflator? They have now reduced it to The very Lowest Common Dominator. Is Trump’s love of dogs a flaw? Whenever to his home he comes around, Greeted by a Labrador, … Continue reading

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Picturing Families Noble and Royal

While unpacking another of the thousand-or-so boxes we moved from our previous residence, I came across a folder with some of my late father’s experimental prints. As one of many hobbies, Hyla Noble was into early colour photography, developing, printing, and enlarging. … Continue reading

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Not all white?

Wordle 274 is obviously slanted towards a certain recent event. I debated taking an entirely different tack in my condensed exact-word-order and rhyming effort, just to be otherwise, but decided to follow the current after all. I am pleased with … Continue reading

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Vertical sex site meant, and tiny garden.

Responses to this week’s Photo Challenge are all going to be on a Tiny scale. Firstly, here is some romance … well, sex, actually … in small measure.  The millipede takes her firmly in his arms … well, lots and lots … Continue reading

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Really Awful Trumped-up Charges.

One simply can’t conceive That dumpy Donald Trump The Democrats relieve By licking Hil the Frump.  The pollsters in their hordes, With egos sadly bent, Are falling on their swords … Or say, ‘Not what I meant!’  Hil had it … Continue reading

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