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Falls from Horses and Meaningful Meandering

Yesterday WordPress had a fit of the sulks and refused to respond. Now, hopefully, a more co-operative mood is in evidence. We have some visitors from UK … well, Spain, actually … who will be with us for a few … Continue reading

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Some Roads I Have Been Taken With …

… and the photos taken of the roads taken, for this week’s photo challenge of The Road Taken. © March 2017 Colonialist

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Old Horizon Renewed

The weekly photo challenge of New Horizon has me delving into my archives to reflect the horizon we will be visiting next week. This picture taken five years ago shows the ‘back garden’ of Elder Daughter and husband. They are surrounded by fields … Continue reading

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Reflection, a Proper Charlie, Sea(son) Change, and Parakits Squawk

On reflection, I spent much of the afternoon in fitting two large wall mirrors in the lounge of the main house.  Pictures reflecting that reflection will await a daylight when we are actually home.  I also cleared a courtyard of … Continue reading

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Emus sing ‘orse stretches and other long-neckitty beasties.

Rain Farm, here the group and spot Where fish in former post was got. And here, long-neck/legs beasties who Came down to drink when we were through Some ostriches can here be found Which with Impala hang around. But here, … Continue reading

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The Weekend Weather was Very Cold and Windy and Still and Misty and Thunder-stormy with Torrents, and Very Hot and Sunny

Still, as the pictures may show, we enjoyed our visit to the haunted (Shhhhhh! They’re trying to live that down – it scares the kiddies away) Mountain Park Hotel. © Colonialist (WordPress) November 2015             … Continue reading

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No comment – this is for Wordless Wednesday!

Create With Joy © Colonialist February 2015 (WordPress)

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From the Horse’s Mouth, Really Awfully.

“I hay chew,” said Harry the horse To Sue; Said Sue, “I ‘ay chew, too; of course I do! It’s straw dinner, ‘Arry; I fink we should marry! Don’t you?”  © Colonialist October 2014 (WordPress)

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A Birthday Celebration

Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Trevor, but he was not to see it.  Not on this plane, anyhow. Younger Daughter and the kids went to a church service early (I hope the roof is stable and won’t … Continue reading

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I feel guilty that no sooner had I received the notification below than I virtually abandoned my blog.  OK, I know that this number of followers is no big deal, and it has taken me an awfully long time, but … Continue reading

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