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Deadly Van-dalism.

                Wheel slides in rain, glazed grip will snap Alarm box wails; gives name from mishap; Survival depends on chassis frame, But gain-bait means white van and taxi have the same . . … Continue reading

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The Knight’s Tail

                          In memory of a loyal knight Of the house of Yawk Who got an almighty fright One night when he dropped his fawk And under the table, … Continue reading

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Leftover Graze

If, like me, you should suffer a serious graze, And some gauze for repair should select, It isn’t a thing to surprise or amaze — A matter of gauze and defect! ***************************************** Leftovers from twenty nineteen: The daintiest dish that … Continue reading

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Brutish British Royals Still Shoot Peasants

    A Boxing Day custom that’s really unpleasant Is how British Royals still shoot at a pheasant, The old ones can’t help it; the practice is rooted, But for all the young ones it needs to be booted. If … Continue reading

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Border Cross (Non-Canine)

Today’s Wordle has rather clearly got the sound of Trump pets, and drums up missiles Donald cannot duck. With hope seek poor the joy of border crossed — They waste their risk; an open welcome lost; For flood of both … Continue reading

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  Though fat-headed officialdom Feel it should now be known As Day of Goodwill, where I’m from: Leave Boxing Day alone! Although the day no more refers To Wenceslas’ deed — Distributing boxed charity To all the poor in need … Continue reading

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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Everyone! For your bemusement, let me offer what Much Better Half had to put up with by way of a present because the present wasn’t present. This sheet of paper was handed to her: Now, how did we … Continue reading

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