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American andiron …

(Like a log she likes to sleep — Heaven help a chimney-sweep!) © March 2017 Colonialist

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Fire and Brimstone

Wordle 289 The words smoke forth with bits of flame; Leaks through the mind that saw the parts to miss — Church, temple, swing flat lies of blame, But sense can track what eye may miss of this. © March … Continue reading

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  Juno Watt was a bit of a clot And she gossiped quite a lot; Ivor Heard was a bit of a nerd, And he hung on every word; Hours on end Ivor’s ears she would bend — Full attention … Continue reading

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Colonialist Hare-writ-age

With ‘Rabbits!’ I have habits To mark, of months, the first – At hares now take a stab; it’s In March what I do durst; And at a rhyme I grab, fits Of Awful I do worst; From Tenniel I nab bits — His … Continue reading

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Wordle 288 … Where the Cap Fits …

No angel, but some feathered jinx That on this planet such shallow, hollow Doctrines implanted with their stinks, Expecting us to follow! With a sigh, we decide to leave each cult to bleed or spin Shamelessly into the news with … Continue reading

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Really Splashing Out Last Weekend

On Friday afternoon after school a week ago (yes, I haven’t had time to post) the kids went to the Olympic pool, and after return spent some time in our vinyl puddle. On Saturday we went to a birthday party … Continue reading

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Fired Up With Enthusiasm

    If you should seek the perfect catch — A flame that can’t be brighter — Consider using A Good Match, Or, better still, one lighter. © February 2017 Colonialist

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