How would you like to have cattle slaughtered on a  public verge in full view of your home and your children?

 Headline Slaughter

It seems that Councils, in trying to accommodate ‘cultural’ events for certain inhabitants of suburbs, are now issuing permits for this to happen. The most recent occurrence took place in a suburb of Durban on the Bluff, where residents were subjected to the sight of two animals being killed on the roadside by having spears thrust into their brains. Thereafter the animals were butchered then and there, in full view, as a delightful precursor to the festivities of the residents of the home.

Slaughter letters


Strong feelings were expressed, as reflected in these headlines. My own letter published on the subject read as follows:


I wish to express anger and disgust towards those residents in our area who insist on carrying on a practice which is abhorrent to the majority; and equally to the authorities for apparently condoning and permitting it.  Warning should be taken that it is unacceptable and that all necessary measures will be taken by residents to ensure that it does not continue. 


The permits apparently issued are, in any case, invalid as they transgress basic laws which the Council has no right or power to overrule.  Those responsible for the issue of such ‘permits’ should be regarded as equally culpable and accountable.


The plea that this uncivilised ritual is in terms of cultural practice has no merit.  Public executions, dueling, foxhunting, bullfighting, the binding of feet, and mutilation of sexual organs have all come under the ‘cultural’ heading but have rightly been deemed as barbarism having no place in modern society. 


Ritual slaughter and sacrifice should be regarded in exactly the same way.  They encourage a culture of violence, and are contrary to all proper humanitarian and hygienic standards.




Now we are again being subjected to the annual irritation caused by those who choose to regard a ‘Festival of Light’ as a series of deafening explosions. Ignoring all pleas from other residents (particularly pet owners) and authorities to desist, they arrogantly persist with their childish methods of celebration.  The animals are beside themselves.


Human beings are detestable.

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello Colonialist. I admit I had no idea what you were talking about. Reading the comments gave me an idea of the situation. I think that all religious and traditional customs have had to be modified or changed in order to fit with current laws and morals. For example you can’t sacrifice children anymore to any god for any reason. Not to say some kids don’t push the envelope sometimes. 🙂 So I was thinking if they really had to do an animal sacrifice then they should change the ritual to be a stuffed animal. That expands the kind of animal that can be used. If they want it can even be life sized. Look the catholic church claims that crackers and grape juice is the body and blood of Christ then people needing to feel powerfully godly can do it also. IF they need the animal to bleed to make it really they can place a small balloon of the fluid of choice in a pouch or spot marked with an X. IF they need a sacrifice of real blood they can line the family up at a blood drive center and each member give a pint or so. In fact I like that idea, people getting married should be required to donate blood for the good of the community.
    Once the sacrificers get tired of killing Johnny and Susie’s stuffed toys they will see how silly they look and stop the barbaric traditions that harm real life. Well that is my hope. Be well. Hugs

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    • colonialist says:

      I really like the idea of converting such ceremonies and customs to the ridiculous until it registers how ridiculous the original ones were, anyway.
      When one looks at the small number of
      ‘likes’ and comments on this post, it is amazing that it, and several others like it I have added, get tens of thousands of views, and not only from Africa. The EU features strongly. Apparently all of these are seeking approval of their despicable practices and leave disappointed. The search engine subjects support this. So far nobody has offered a reasoned contrary view which addresses my objections.

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      • Scottie says:

        It would be hard to impossible to argue against your position. From a health and safety point of view having animal sacrifice on open uncovered land is a recipe for a complete health disaster. The body fluids, the organs, the body and parts of it all can carry diseases and harmful organisms. Unless the place is really carefully cleaned up and sanitised, think of the kids, pets, and wildlife that could come into contact with that stuff, and then contract with families and homes in the area. Plus you have the sight and sounds of harm to an animal. That is traumatic to children and even some adults. Does the harm caused to children take second place to the religious wants of adults? Then add to this the extra demands on town / city services to insure everything from start to finish is done as cleanly and humanely as possible. All this for an unproven result based on mythology. As you can not prove that such a ritual promotes any good for society nor has any benefit for the people doing it, it has no viable argument for it to continue. The good of the community must take precedent over any mythological driven ritual.

        Right? Be well. Hugs

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  3. vivian says:

    Slaughter should be allowed in suburbs because if a black man get married with a white woman who lives in the suburbs t!en that man would be forced to pay lobola and slaughter a goat in that families i sujest that slaughtering in the suburbs should be allowed

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    • colonialist says:

      Congratulations! You are the first among many thousands who have read this post, seeking support for the custom, who has had the guts to offer a contrary view to the one I have given.

      I would tend to suggest to whatever races have different customs which incorporate ritual slaughter (which includes many which are not black, such as Nordic, Jews and Muslims) that this part of the customs should be changed in line with more enlightened modern thinking. Rather like fireworks or loud parties, which are an infringement on the rights of others in the neighbourhood, they should be abandoned or at least observed only where they are regarded as acceptable. Slaughter has an additional negative aspect in that it propagates an ethos of brutality.

      If you think of it lobola, unless observed in a purely token sense, also has negative aspects in that it suggests a woman is mere property.

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  4. Tom says:

    It’s a normal – but disgusting ritual once a year in Indonesia and it doesn’t make a difference if it happens in public or in a slaughter-house. But it’s a cruelty because of the slow death.

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  5. equinoxio21 says:

    Yes they are. Detestable. Most of them. 😦
    (And “Culture” is such an easy excuse, right?)

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  7. gpcox says:

    There is no reason to justify slaughter! Here in Florida we are dealing with the killing of bears, dolphins, manatees, etc. I understand completely.

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  8. disperser says:

    I used to hunt, so I don’t know how much of a moral leg I have to stand on. But, in my defense, everything I shot was for food, and no shots were taken unless I was reasonably sure of a one shot kill.

    Even then, the few occasions where that did not happen were enough to make me lose my interest in hunting. I suppose I would do it again if I needed to eat, but otherwise, no.

    That said, I do eat meat, and as such I support an industry that is largely unconcerned with the way the animals are treated. As much as I try to buy meat from only certain vendors, I don’t personally go and check the conditions the animals live in, and I take their words they are treated with some respect.

    Still, ritualized slaughter, and especially unnecessary slaughter, is something I can definitively rail against without feeling like a hypocrite.

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  10. Desire says:

    Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable!!!! I commented this weekend that the only thing wrong with the world is humans. Best I say no more because I will just end up ranting all day. Grumble((&_)(&^grumble!!!!

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  11. themofman says:

    Okay, I think I just figured out the geography; the Natal.

    Is there any authority that’s willing to step in to prevent this? How long has it been going on for?

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    • colonialist says:

      Not just Natal – now KwaZulu Natal – but all over South and other parts of Africa. It used to be confined to rural areas and was ‘out of sight and out of mind’, but now that other cultures are integrating into suburban areas they want to bring their traditional customs with them. The authorities are wishy-washy on the whole matter.

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  12. themofman says:

    Where is this, and what’s the purpose of this ritual? I guess it doesn’t really matter, it’s just so removed.

    What is the excuse of the local government there for allowing this?

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  13. misswhiplash says:

    I have always maintained that the most barbaric, cruel, abusive animal on the planet Man and this only goes to prove it….I really do hope that you are able to put enough pressure on these stupid people to get it stopped

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  14. adeeyoyo says:

    First World Country, my foot! We are now well on the way to becoming an anarchy!

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  15. Tilly Bud says:

    I have to say I preferred Cindy’s story to yours; but I bet both end up on a plate.

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  16. Cindy says:

    It’s just awful, Col. In the face of all this brutality it’s heartwarming to see a story like this:

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