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Wild Words and Feral Tamed.

For GloPoWriMo Day 16 I am ignoring the prompt, and instead am taking  Wordle 399 as the rhyme of the day. Brenda has done the usual fiendish job of steering one inexorably in a certain direction with the choice of words, … Continue reading

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Animal Antics

Medical matters like blood tests, and harmonising ‘Three Blind Mice’ for my keyboard tutor, precluded time for writing anything much else today. so I can fall back on a few cute pics from the faithful furry friends. © April 2019 … Continue reading

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Snappy Sunday

I haven’t reported that the M cat shown above doing repairs, after her week’s disappearance and return, then staged another of the same. After strolling back a week later again this time, she was kept in the cottage even during … Continue reading

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Water Pleasure Clean Forgotten!

While it may cause you to laugh I have not enjoyed a barf For nigh on a month while I Was a radioactive guy. What great fun it was to sink In hot water, you can’t think; And what joyfulness … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Missing Letter

On Monday evening last, Much Better Half saw devilish little ginger cat Pearl again chasing M out of sight. We have had increasing trouble from the former. Although her official home is the house and not the cottage which is … Continue reading

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Monster no More; Swimming gets Boot.

The Monster Under the Bed, that became The Monster Under the House, is now a fairly normal domestic kitty. If, that is, one that is difficult to get a decent shot of!  Here is the best of many recent tries. … Continue reading

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Let’s Cancel Today and Restart

The first thing I noticed when I got up in the morning apart from agonising twinges of sciatica was Amber, who was supposed to be locked in the main house overnight, smirking at me from a lounge chair. Then I … Continue reading

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