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Taps & The Last Post

Latest posts strange patterns show, About which one needs to know, Things I find of interest are, Found to give out ‘No cigar!’ Seems to me, advancing age Hardly senses will engage; Far more popular the try: Petrol refill that … Continue reading

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Going Out on a Limb; a Driving Necessity

Today we went through the painful exercise of driver’s licence renewal. Up early to get there early, it was ‘take a number’. Then the elderly and infirm were singled out for the fast track while poor Younger Daughter was left … Continue reading

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Robin First Copies, Hypnos with Cat, Apollo with Delight, Dracula without Delight

It’s really hard to say What’s taken up my day: Just sending books away, And blood tests: an array. The Author Copies, few, Are badly overdue; I needed blood tests new, For Monday, it is true. Then fitted some new … Continue reading

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Cat and Immobilised Mouse

There’ll be no more blogging today; Petal M has just chased it away; With mouse movement restricted, I have been evicted Until it’s released for more play. © September 2019 Colonialist

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Fursday and Fryday Fingies

Free of medical appointments today and yesterday, I had some time and opportunity to do a bit of pottering. There was a dentist appointment for J in the afternoon, but he took a quick look and said nothing needed doing, … Continue reading

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Cats: Successful Fundraiser and Truce Stranger Than Fiction

We spent the morning at the local flea market where, true to weather report, it blew a gale for half the morning and for the other half took a deep breath and really started to blow. No attempt was made … Continue reading

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Proofs of a Proactive Granddaughter

If you are averse to bragging, go away. Otherwise, note what Rhiannon has undertaken this week, as shown on her school’s D6 Communicator, and with respect to a project she had on display in the Library. It comes as no … Continue reading

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