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  Does one compete avoiding hats? No, such would be no fun; A better competition, that’s, Which gets one to caps shun.  I solemnly undertake to try and run this one a bit more slickly, and not get side-tracked for … Continue reading

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Reviewer Sued Rued Review Viewed As Rude

For cunning tries to publicise A novel writ by me, I need reviews to damn my eyes In style defamat’ry – Imagine if the fellow who Had thus condemned my book, I managed to proceed to sue And to the … Continue reading

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Forgotten Caption Competition Winners

Taken from the days of pre-history and legend, there was a theory that Colonialist had run a Caption Competition based on the above piggy portrait. Documents from a dig in Durban have now been unearthed which confirm this as a … Continue reading

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Our Adenium ended up doing a multiflora.

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Brief Book Review – Remarkable Creatures – Tracy Chevalier

  I have, within a few days, completely read a book which I would never have believed might grip my imagination in the least.  It deals with two spinsters in the early nineteenth century.  Mary Anning is ‘working class’.  Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Really Awful Missed Takes Would Be Wrong

   So many posts, so little time, As SidevieW‘s theme was set, Should form the subject of this rhyme – But I’ve not got there, yet!   🙂 For all the deathless prose I’ve missed While internet was out, I must … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition – Black and White, Frog and Dog, Street Renaming

  Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition © Colonialist January 2014 (WordPress)  

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    Power cuts are now to be Seen here intermittently; After parts of every tree Were removed, the lines to free, Lightning fried a vital part Inside a substation heart, Blasting the whole thing apart, Not allowing a re-start; … Continue reading

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Had netlessness for most of day: Our power was curtailed; The cutting-off of trees away From lines, was why it failed.  The opportunity was took Defrosting fridge to do, And also, then, to take a look At D I Ys, … Continue reading

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Meet Minnie.  She is currently a houseguest after flying up from the Cape with Son-in-Law’s mother for the recent sad events. Of course, as you can imagine, it is a tremendous inconvenience having such a massive animal blundering about the … Continue reading

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