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American andiron …

(Like a log she likes to sleep — Heaven help a chimney-sweep!) © March 2017 Colonialist

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Culture and Religion Overrule Normal Laws and Customs

Many believe that the title above is valid. They will argue that established customs, or practices arising from what are regarded as holy sources, are of greater importance than man-made rules or modern viewpoints. Is this so? Does culture or … Continue reading

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rexaler / relaxer … whichever way round

I know that I am copy-catting in response to the kittypic shown in Photo Challenge for the Relax theme, but what could do it better?  Mister Mac taking a cat nac … nap I can throw a dog into the mix, … Continue reading

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Really Awful Completely US Math and a Trump Pet

What Americans will do With math to make a USA deflator? They have now reduced it to The very Lowest Common Dominator. Is Trump’s love of dogs a flaw? Whenever to his home he comes around, Greeted by a Labrador, … Continue reading

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The Transmogrify for Halloween Scene

The Daily Post Photo Challenge couldn’t have chosen a better time than Halloween for a theme of Transmogrify,   Two photos were immediately to hand: Imagine in a swirling fog Encountering this Demon Dog! Though only Annie in disguise It wouldn’t … Continue reading

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If Only …

‘If only …’ is one of the most heart-wrenching ways to begin a phrase after a tragic event.  ‘If only I had checked all seat belts were on …’,  ‘If only a doctor had been consulted sooner …’, ‘If only … Continue reading

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Oppo-sites attracted to same-site.

Something agreed upon is that Two Opposites are dog and cat; Though these two you see In proximity, They’re opposites in ways they’ve sat!   © July 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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