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Maybe Over; Purrhaps Bedtime

I have a collection of posts prepared during May, but haven’t had the time to set them out while still doing battle with new systems etc. and having a daily whirl of Important Things That Have To Be Done. June … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Plastered and Monkey Got None

In robes with tassel, see him creep To climb the vine in chill of night; Opes trap a crack; views those asleep In diverse beds below in sight; Mad light shines from his tawny eyes; Non-lucid mind in drunken mist … Continue reading

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Really Awful Spare Rhyme

The Daily Post Photo Challenge for this week, needs a Spare moment spent on it. De wheel on borrowed car was flat, So in de trunk I sought de spare, De jumper-leads dat place were at, But, no, de spare just … Continue reading

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A Weakening Week

I have been indulging in dashing heroics this week.  Dashing heroically from task to task. A typical day started with wails from our live-in housekeeper that a tap had broken – fortunately nothing a bit of ingenuity and a Leatherman … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Tolled

Worgle 252 from The Sunday Whirl is a particularly hard one to do with all words in the order given, plus brevity, rhyme, and sense.  Here, the sense requires a particularly agile imagination: On mission, when unwilling to be lost, … Continue reading

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Jubilant 2 … Too … Two!

I have to have a second stab at The Daily Post Photo Challenge.  This morning provided the motivation for the whole family to be Jubilant. The annual prize-giving at the swim school attended by both grandchildren occurred in two sessions, … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Jubilant

The latest Photo Challenge on WordPress invites us to be Jubilant. Once was an ant employed To be a debt collector; A job that he enjoyed, In nipping each defector. Although a few will rant That sad it was to … Continue reading

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Why Colonialist?

Why, since inception, have I deliberately used a blog identity which has become increasingly controversial and in some (ignorant) circles is regarded as being akin to ‘racist’? I do it out of pride in my background. Note that the meanings … Continue reading

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My Worgle and My Worg – Which is Worgse?

Wordle 251 using my usual self-imposed rules of words in order, adding as few as possible, and rhyming:                                     Impact Hung less high made the painted fish, Upon their … Continue reading

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Toby or not Toby, that is the Quest (not to) Shun …

Last night we went out for supper with two other families to Kya Beach at the Eco Park a Km or so away from us. While we were chomping and glugging, there were a few distant rumbles of thunder, followed … Continue reading

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