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The One-way Ticket Brigade

We went to a restaurant on the edge of the ‘cliff’ at Amanzimtoti on Sunday for a lunch as a farewell to yet another friend and family emigrating from South Africa. This one is not Packing for Perth but will … Continue reading

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Let’s Cancel Today and Restart

The first thing I noticed when I got up in the morning apart from agonising twinges of sciatica was Amber, who was supposed to be locked in the main house overnight, smirking at me from a lounge chair. Then I … Continue reading

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Ex-Clay-m About Road-Dent and Chain Reaction?

  Clay-covered, puddle emerge — hinge Round story of mouse on fringe . . . Pulses with fury, vents at chance chain stalls: Causing falls! © January 2019 Colonialist

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Fur Eye Day Fur-riday

Though Katie and Cassie are cats that belong Inside the main house, and it therefore is wrong,  In cottage for them to be taking their ease . . . But they, being cats, will just do as they please. And … Continue reading

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Prodigious Young Talent

A recent discovery I made last year (about eight years late) that has got me completely enthralled, is of the prodigy Alma Deutscher. Have you come across her? Born 2005, and now a concert pianist and violinist and a composer … Continue reading

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New Year DIY Solution Filtered Through

This Labyrinth I Roam is hosting NN1 on New Year Resolutions. Here is my little bit: When comes the New Year is when I Get energy renewed; With launching into DIY Ambition am imbued This year I sought a filter … Continue reading

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Lamenting a Lost Love

Calls for walk on pebbles, repenting, Lonely love, his world representing, Air wild, and shakes the trees there; Sends to knees; now in despair. © January 2019 Colonialist

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