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Addams Side Scarier Family for Halloween

  A daughter and the grandgirls seen Before a party: Halloween — They look enough to give a fit, But I admit I helped a bit! © October 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Cat-she Lyrics for a Wordle

A busy class of creature That goes on velvet toes, Light steps, with curl-claws, feature, From still, to oil-drop-flows; In silvery moonlight, mating cries Go echoing through the bowl of night … Could those who such a noise despise Be … Continue reading

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The Transmogrify for Halloween Scene

The Daily Post Photo Challenge couldn’t have chosen a better time than Halloween for a theme of Transmogrify,   Two photos were immediately to hand: Imagine in a swirling fog Encountering this Demon Dog! Though only Annie in disguise It wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Treasury Capture and Monkey Business …

Overheard in a Secret Meeting … Z: But I don’t want G in the job. He won’t do the stuff I want him to. A: Well, you’re stuck with him now. Z: No, I’m not. Get your people working on … Continue reading

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On the Avenue (Not 5th or Delderfield)

                  Who would plant along the way a thousand trees that thrive from birth? We spent time without a break to delve this avenue; How is it stricken trees bounce back — … Continue reading

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Shines of the Times

Here is all the Shine you’d wish — And it comes with lots of fish.   When conditions aren’t so bright Home is what will bring de-light! © October 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Opportunities Gained and Lost

My day was sabotaged, in between normal collection-from-school and pool cleaning and editing tasks, by the observation by Much Better Half that a drain kept drizzling although rain had only reigned some time ago.  This led me to wonder if my … Continue reading

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