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Snappy Sunday

I haven’t reported that the M cat shown above doing repairs, after her week’s disappearance and return, then staged another of the same. After strolling back a week later again this time, she was kept in the cottage even during … Continue reading

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Meet the giant rodent who gets on with EVERYONE in the animal kingdom

Originally posted on AesthesiaMag:
Meet the giant rodent who gets on with EVERYONE in the animal kingdom (GO VEGAN) The capybara is the world’s largest rodent, and a highly sociable creature They have been observed bonding with a huge variety…

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Int…er…mit…te…nt Int…er…n…et.

                                  My internet is on the blink — The signal comes and goes; It comes when I’m away, I think, The way my ‘Inbox’ … Continue reading

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A Friend Like Ben

My recent ‘holiday’ to undergo a surgical procedure has enabled me to read a few books. This is a luxury I have not enjoyed since my last such visit. On this occasion, one of the books I took from my … Continue reading

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Missing Out on Kidney

  I’ve been away, as see you may: In hospital I had a stay, And something else went missing too — Of kidneys, of which I had two, Now one is left, but I don’t care; I carry one of … Continue reading

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The Goddess of the Devil Progresses

Interest in the promotion for The Goddess of the Devil continues, and the YouTube here  has now received going on for 1.6 million views. With that amount of notice, the next step is to make it known that the book … Continue reading

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More Loads in the Shed

Yet again, time becomes available to blog. Yet again, the lights are about to go out. It isn’t just a question of adjusting the agenda; during other hours other things require doing. Yesterday we were treated to two separate sessions … Continue reading

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Stage Presentation (Written in England) Bombs Out

Wave year farewell; Writing which fires the earth in it? Three months in rain garment dwell; Find silence bowing; beam does not befit. © March 2019 Colonialist  

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Darkest Efrica

                  Though Efrica is famous for being rather black At present, of all lighting, there’s even more a lack, Through maintenance, a lack of, the power they supply Is cut off — … Continue reading

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Tyresome Striking: Flaming Ridiculous

This post appeared with all the content missing, for reasons unknown other than most probably an attempt by some gremlin or other to irritate and annoy. Let me try again: Our local universities are in turmoil creating no go areas … Continue reading

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