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Gains and Losses in Poetic Translation

Counting little ditties and Wordles, and a long nonsense-rhyme written but not yet blogged, I have met the total of writing thirty poems for GloPoWriMo during April. For this final day a translation is suggested.  I have chosen an Afrikaans … Continue reading

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Does a RATion of RAT admiRATion make them bRATts?

  The penultimate day of GloPoWriMo calls for a string of remembrances, while the current Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Admiration. I recall when elder brother was a cat I remember when a budgie was a friend, The memory is … Continue reading

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A Really Awfully Backward Rite

The GloPoWriMo day 28 for today calls for a story to go backward.  Well, I’ve always been a backward sort of person, so this is right up my alley, or left down my yella! (If you get hopelessly lost, start at the … Continue reading

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Really Awful Rhyme in Seventeen Silly Bubbles

The NaPoWriMo Day 27 (actually, GloPoWriMo for those like me outside the U S of A) prompt challenges one to produce a poem of seventeen syllables per line:  To write impossibly extended lines, let us try a limerick: It would … Continue reading

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For Day 26 of NaPoWriMo I have gone off at a tangent to the question-and-response prompt in order to pose a simple question and long response related to the core of philosophy, and to the individualism of the drop you … Continue reading

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Summer the Time I am Really Awfully serious … Summer Other Time!

I have combined three recent NaPoRiMo prompts here: a sonnet, a mix of trad and mod, and continuing from an existing line (in this case of some obscure bloke who has just had a 400th birthday): Shall I compare thee … Continue reading

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Varying a Theme into Abstract.

I’ve taken the original (first shown) of my first version of the Abstract (previously posted) and done some more playing with it.  Interesting how the other treatments bring that one leaf into more and more re-leaf! © April 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Can there be Prophet in a Really Awful Wordle?

In adhering to my own rule of words in order and rhyming in Wordle 248, I have had to put in more than my normal number of fillers to make some kind of sense! Hills capture my soul; their peaks … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Leaf of Absence!

Abstract is required for the Photo Challenge today, I’ve been feeling most abstracted, but that’s normally my way, But for picture subject purposes, I should now clearly warn That also I am feeling more than quite a bit for lawn!

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Why on Earth …

A poem for Earth Day as prompted for NaPoWriMo: A place of infinite delight: Majestic oceans clear and pure, And forests taking as their right Free growth, pollution ills to cure; All creatures ranging freely where The whim should take … Continue reading

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