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Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies.

Internet I can’t get

My internet has gone again And may come back I know not when Though mobile phone within my powers The process simply takes me hours And leaves me just as mad as, well, What rhymes with that you can well … Continue reading

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Sporting Flora and Fauna

The Proteas when picked all wilt — Of sterner stuff they should be built: To bat effectively for hours You cannot be a bunch of flowers, And for your bowling to take wing Your step must have the proper spring, … Continue reading

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Rather a Rave Review for Goddess of the Devil

Originally posted on Leslie Hyla Winton Noble:
The South African print version of the book is now available directly from myself to reduce costs. I’ll let this up-to-date review, from highly respected USA screenplay consultant, journalist, critic and writer Nick…

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Struggle Propaganda for Gaggles

How messy, taking courage as mantra that talk May lean on a magic way to exist; Stories feed the soul with struggle myths and don’t balk, For the vulnerable on which to subsist. © June 2019 Colonialist

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Well-suited to a Trophy

Well, the netball all went well, And Jeneva buzzed around; But I do now need to tell What at Swim School then she found. Her eight-hundred metre badge To her duly handed out, But she didn’t get to cadge ‘One-five’ … Continue reading

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From Bed to Hearse?

My cold is unabated though To sleep it off I’ve tried, Through this whole morning didn’t go For any time outside; The cats thought this was marvellous And cuddled up with me Though one might think, inside the house They … Continue reading

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Registering Attendance

One discussion by the Hort. Soc. Board, Joined by Oscar; not untoward; All decisions made will need His opinion one should heed. Two hungry ibis standing on a wall, To be fed have made a call, Knock on door till … Continue reading

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