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Closing down main generator.

Well, this is the last post from the study which has seen so many years of them produced. We are about as ready as an ostrich is to join a swallow migration.  Chaos reigns, and if it rains as well, … Continue reading

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Really awfully total insanity.

The day after tomorrow, we move into our new home.  Preparations are afoot. The renovations aren’t quite ready.  Extra ceiling joists had to be put in, and an entirely new ceiling.  Also, the floor, having been stripped of parquet and … Continue reading

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Cover Art: A Peak of Achievement!

How could I resist the Cover Art Challenge opportunity to give some more advance publicity to my long-completed but still held-up-on-editing fantasy, Darx Circle?  Here is the original picture I took of St Bernard’s Peak, and following it is my … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Who Needs to Dress it up with Words?

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Photo Challenge: Refraction: a Really Awful Shining Example

The subject of ‘Refraction’ I will give the meaning for – To fractions, give compaction, And then split them up once more! (Refraction: ½ + ½ = 1 = ¼ + ¾) © Colonialist October 2014 (WordPress)

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More dreamy and fishy stuff – also a spot of nightmare …

I had intended to put this picture on my ‘Dreamy‘ previous post, but I can do it now because there were other fishy developments.  On the 8th I became a species of seabream – and one on endangered lists.  Yes, … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Dreamy: Dragon, Dog and Devotion.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this Dreamy Theme was the following song from music halls of more than a century ago: ‘Waltz Me Around Again, Willie’ (1906), by Will Cobb and Ren Shields: Willie Fitzgibbons who … Continue reading

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