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Tyresome Striking: Flaming Ridiculous

This post appeared with all the content missing, for reasons unknown other than most probably an attempt by some gremlin or other to irritate and annoy. Let me try again: Our local universities are in turmoil creating no go areas … Continue reading

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The Education Department Gets Away with Robbing all South Africans

Schools in South Africa re-open on 9th January, and frantic book-covering and gathering-together of paraphernalia is the order of the day. It is truly amazing that South Africans took with such little fuss the announcement early last year that the … Continue reading

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Bright Sparks with Flashes of Brilliance

A fitting title for my typing being accompanied by a most spectacular thunderstorm. I just hope my computer doesn’t get fried, but I want to get my post posted. With a Certificate of Grandfatherly-ness comes a Licence to Brag, which … Continue reading

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My Daughter and Prostitution!

This headline and heading appeared in our morning paper, the Natal Mercury:  “The dark side of the moon  Durban is a port, giving it a history of prostitution as old as the city itself” This was no sooner set eyes … Continue reading

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Final Evil 1 Timekeeping

No, I am not taking up timing Old Nick. What that should read is: Fina Level 1 Timekeeping Fina being: Fédération internationale de natation. Today my results came back from the exam written on Saturday a week ago. I passed … Continue reading

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Communication from a Cattle Crossing

Eldest granddaughter Immy has just received the following letter: We are, of course, thrilled.  With the reputation and performance of Oxford, only those with outstanding graduate results even bother to apply, and even then most are turned away.  We can only … Continue reading

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Schooldaze …

Eight-year-old granddaughter R, entering Grade 3 (which my generation knew as Standard 1) is already involved in a hectic schedule.  Off her own bat she auditioned for Junior Choir, and yesterday received a letter of congratulation stating that she has … Continue reading

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